40 pounds down and counting (3 months )

asiaards Posts: 16 Member
Goodmorning to everyone ❤️ hope everyone is feeling as blessed as I do this morning! Wanted to update everyone on how I’ve been doing. I’m three months into changing my life forever. I am just about 40 pounds down just with healthy eating and intermittent fasting. It isn’t easy but nothing in life in easy! You always have to work for what you want in life and what I want is to be the healthiest happiest ME I can be . Don’t give up!!!! Even if you have hiccups even If you cheat even if you mess up for a week or a month do not stop. Keep going. You will never regret putting yourself and your health first. I have 60 more pounds to lose. And even more if I’d like. But my goal really isn’t a specific weight, my goal is to be healthy always for me for my family for my life! Only 3 months difference glgdb123wh8n.jpeg


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