Who else is on Day 1?

Lanie2012 Posts: 46 Member
Hello all, Day 1 here with some very big goals. I've been on MFP for a few years and have really enjoyed it. But after losing and gaining, Atkins, low-carb, and ultimate regaining it's time to start a new Day 1.

Looking for new friends, I'm from Canada and I love how MFP is a great place to meet people from all over north America.

Feel free to add! :smiley:



  • fitblonde88
    fitblonde88 Posts: 19 Member
    Hello. I'm on day 1 as well and live on the gulf coast of Alabama. Feel free to add me! We can do this!
  • MichelleWithMoxie
    MichelleWithMoxie Posts: 1,819 Member
    Right here
  • clarejane1971
    clarejane1971 Posts: 2 Member
    I’m on day one, just signed up. I’m in the UK.
  • Lanie2012
    Lanie2012 Posts: 46 Member
    Day 2..... here we go! Totally doable. I have a tall bottle of water on my desk, and a full belly with decent breakfast and I've had my morning coffee.

    Are there any programs you all are following? Or just eating better in general? For me, I have found the best way to stay encouraged about nutrition is to not just focus on what I eat, and how much exercise but practicing self care.

    After many years of putting myself last after my children, work, family, just life... I've found I never put care into myself. So here's me, taking care of myself. :smiley:

    Thanks for the adds!
  • reneinitaly
    reneinitaly Posts: 20 Member
    Day 1 for the umpeenth time. I am coming away from Weight Watchers, so this is kinda new. I have never been a great tracker, but am willing to learn. I am pretty close to goal, but have been gaining steadily for the last few weeks and can feel that slippery slope in my hands. I am in Italy
  • Joanna2012B
    Joanna2012B Posts: 1,448 Member
    I'm not on day 1, but I am from Canada (Ontario)!! Keep up the great work. It takes 21 days to form a habit!!
  • JMBgmx
    JMBgmx Posts: 2 Member
    I'm also on day one (again). Would like to add you as a new friend. Request sent.
  • reneinitaly
    reneinitaly Posts: 20 Member
    Lanie- I am still following, at least for now, weight watchers, but an older version. It is really what I asm used to, and I want to desperately try sticking closer to plan than actually count calories ( which puts me immediately into panic mode!
  • Lanie2012
    Lanie2012 Posts: 46 Member
    I'm not on day 1, but I am from Canada (Ontario)!! Keep up the great work. It takes 21 days to form a habit!!

    I used to live in Ontario, Belleville. Now in Alberta - and I can't say I miss those Ontario winters. :neutral:
  • LiseRoy
    LiseRoy Posts: 1 Member
    Day 1 for me ... New Brunswick Canada...was with the program before but now I see a hole lot of different things about it...for example never seen this place before where you can take up challenge and meet other participant. Glad to be aboard.
  • stacy1171
    stacy1171 Posts: 3 Member
    Day 1 (again) for me, too. I'm in Seattle, and looking for all the support I can get. I'll add you now. :)
  • 111grace
    111grace Posts: 384 Member
    Me too starting yet again day 1, 15 March 2018. I wish getting healthy had like a fail safe rules like AA, 12 step program.
  • Pagirl570
    Pagirl570 Posts: 4 Member
    Day 1 here also. So far no cravings. I'm from snowy cold Pa.
  • Kateyinthe9
    Kateyinthe9 Posts: 67 Member
    I'm from Ontario, day 3 here. Would love a friend!
  • yoga_mel
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    Not really day 1 have been on here awhile
  • yoga_mel
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    Not sure why my whole post doesn't show lol
  • kittyann211
    kittyann211 Posts: 1 Member
    Day 1 would love some menu ideas and a friend
  • lindseymbh
    lindseymbh Posts: 1 Member
    Day 1 here. I moved to a new place and gained a little. Adjusting has not been easy and this has been a result. Feel free to add!
  • tonyamorgan75
    tonyamorgan75 Posts: 15 Member
    This my new day 1.
    I hope to succeed this time.