Muscle Reversal Journey

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As my PXM Fitness followers know, and I'll keep this to a quick synopsis, roughly 8 years ago, I began a journey to fitness that has truly become an odyssey. Weight years ago, last month, I tipped the scales at a morbidly obese 408 pounds (per medical records). In a little under two years, my transformation to me all the way down to 157. I had actually got a bit over zealous and last alot of weight, but still had a BF% of almost 20%. After hiring a phenomenal trainer and a great nutritionist, I was able to build back to a much more healthy 175 and lower my BF% down to 10.2%!

This is where it gets interesting. Shortly after my transformation and winning 1st runner up in a SW US Transformation Challenge, I have A Widowmaker Heart Attack. Over the following year, I suffered three additional attacks and was, eventually, diagnosed with Restrictive Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Systolic Heart Failure. Within the following year, I began to see my hard earned gains begin to dry up. As an engineer, and now, certified personal trainer, myself, I began to research the wasting from a scientific point of view. After many meetings with my good friend and sports physician, I talked him into supporting a full blown study, that I would author, as a "self study." Today is the end of month 3 in my study on The Effects of Glutamine and β-Hydroxy β-Methylbuterate (HMB) on Disease Induced Muscle Wasting. My personal gains, in battling the wasting, are extremely slow, but with the use of this prescribed supplementation, added to standard protein shake, and a steady strength training schedule (on me or see diary), the effects are now beginning to show that this protocol is successfully beating the wasting back. In the first three months, I've gained ~15lbs of lean muscle, and am being to experience growth, again. 33fi3dd9i2nw.jpeg

Stay tuned and, as always (let me hear you say it'!)...

Stay 'Healthy' My Friends!


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