Foods You've Lost Your Taste For



  • Ebony_Kitty
    Ebony_Kitty Posts: 41 Member
    French fries with the exception of McDonald’s when they are hot, fresh, and crispy.
  • fitoverfortymom
    fitoverfortymom Posts: 3,453 Member

    Which is weird, because I do still eat fast food, but for some reason McDonald's is completely unappealing to me. Maybe part of me knows the behavior that used to go with the McDonald's eating and I don't want to feel that way again.
  • dsboohead
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    Subway.....potato chips.....frosting.
  • candylilacs
    candylilacs Posts: 588 Member
    Before the stroke came I cannot stand meat. Now, I eat hamburger and steak. But I eat more vegetables: onion, bell pepper, spinach and broccoli.

    After the stroke I cannot handle sugarless drinks. They always taste like chemicals to me, but the notable exception Diet Cherry Zero. It's the best.
  • 25lbsorbust
    25lbsorbust Posts: 225 Member
    Dominos Bacon Jalapeno cheesy bread..

    Ok, it's still delicious, but I had one the other day and not only felt like trash afterwards, but didn't feel clean again until I had taken a long shower and cleaned my entire apartment.

    Also sweet yogurts. They're like candy, minus all the delicious bits. Gross.
  • starryphoenix
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    edited March 2018
    Garlic butter and garlic salt
    Marshmallows (toasted)
    Hershey’s chocolate
    Beef (still eat it sometimes)
    Salted mixed nuts
    Quest protein bars
    Most cake unless if I’m super hungry.
    Dry cereal
    Cheap ramen ( I love the authentic stuff)
    Hot dogs
    Boxed Mac and cheese

    Just to name a few. There are others.
  • *gasp* :o people lose their taste for mac n cheese?? I hope I can be one of you someday. <3 jigglypuff
  • Wendyanneroberts
    Wendyanneroberts Posts: 270 Member
    Used to love lemon cheesecake, a particular make being my favourite. Because of the high calorie count, plus the one I loved having 6 portions. With nobody to share it with and don't like waste, I'd given it a miss (for over a year). Was the only food item I missed. Recently had the opportunity to have a small slice and thought I'd treat myself and work it into my budget. But I hated it, it tasted as if excess sugar granules had been stirred through. It was that bad I only had a couple of mouthfuls and left the rest. At least I know longer feel like I'm missing out.
  • freespirit6315
    freespirit6315 Posts: 119 Member
    Cheese! I used to be really addicted to it ate it like people eat sweets don't hate it but I don't crave it anymore.
    I try not to drink sodas but I still like it and have not lost my desire for it completely even though I try not to drink it at all.
  • cwolfman13
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  • whitpauly
    whitpauly Posts: 1,483 Member
    Diet soda(which is odd cuz I used to have 2-3 20 oz bottles a,day)
    Sweet coffee
    Sweet yogurt like someone mentioned
    I still love all the fried foods,pizza,cookies,chips,etc >:)
  • genchiyu
    genchiyu Posts: 244 Member
    I lost taste in chips, particularly Lay's Sour Cream & Onion. Gets stuck in my teeth and between my gums. I hate having to pick them out. Such a hassle
  • sportychic87
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    edited March 2018
    Peanut butter, fish, and I’m finding myself periodically disgusted and fascinated (all at once!) by fried foods. Oh, and chewing gum
  • Cbean08
    Cbean08 Posts: 1,092 Member
    Bread, crackers, most chinese food, ground beef.

    Bread just doesn't have a lot of flavor to me. And even the ones that do have a flavor, I get bored of the taste of it. Same thing with crackers. For some reason, most chinese food is really off- putting to me. Ground beef tastes weird in general.
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,373 Member
    I'm pickier I suppose about what I spend my calories on, but there's nothing I used to like that I don't like anymore. I just don't waste calories on things I don't care for (that I might have eaten before just because it was there).
  • mortuseon_
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    edited March 2018
    When I am in weight loss mode, I actually lose my taste for fruit and veg. I eat far more ‘healthily’ in terms of fibre and micros when eating normally. When losing weight, though, all I want is protein, sweet foods, and more protein - I have to force myself to bother with veg, which is not like me at all (normally I love them). So my diet is functional, but really pretty crappy. I also gain an extreme taste for salt when losing weight. It goes on everything.
  • annette_15
    annette_15 Posts: 1,657 Member
    Things that just arent worth the calories to me anymore: liquids of any kind, most breads, croissants, cake, rice, pasta at restaurants, anything fried, chips and other savoury snakcs... id rather have sweets now for some reason
  • Keto_Vampire
    Keto_Vampire Posts: 1,679 Member
    Egg whites: did a ridiculous diet with these getting to lowest just sick and traumatized from over dieting on these. Can't bring myself to eat these anymore

    Peanut butter, almonds, cashews, etc.: almost always over consume these (taste so good) but tear up my stomach so bad it takes at least 1-2 days after bingeing on these to overcome the GI cramping & discomfort. Also did have a very mild allergy at one point (face swelling, no rash) from over consuming mixed nuts (can not pinpoint exact allergy without being tested).

    Baker's chocolate: massive headaches and insomnia are not worth it anymore