Looking for some motivational support from all you beautiful ladies out there! Let's do this together and keep spreading the love and encouragement! Add meeee :)


  • ultimateyou
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    Add me if you like xx
  • grlpwr93
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    Awesome! Added :)
  • daniellespi
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    Added you both. I'm Dani, age 31... getting ready for bikini season. Could use some tough love and support
  • genchiyu
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    Hi I'm Gen, looking to lose 40 lbs at age 23. Been eating healthy and exercising for a couple weeks now!
  • BabyLovesToRun
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    Hi gals! 34 here, feel free to add me, I'm active daily =)
  • visualizefit
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    Feel free to add me. :) 29. Down 40 lbs. Looking to loose another 45.
  • jennibabie87
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    Hi :) I’m 30 ugh don’t feel it though :) just looking to tone up the momma pouch and grow the booty and thighs!! Want to get a tattoo on my side so got to get in shape first.
  • I want in! Today is day one for me and I'm already 300 calories over my goal.... *kitten*'s hard.
  • perfectlyflawed0401
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    Hey ladies !! I’m 31 looking to lose another 40 pounds for my first goal. Looking forward to some women support ! Wanting to just be healthier and first thing will go sky diving !!!! When I reach my goal
  • perfectlyflawed0401
    perfectlyflawed0401 Posts: 22 Member
    Add me if you like