I’m doing this. Need MFP friends

38 yo M. Former athlete. Short military term followed by wife, kids, and desk job. Up to a rediculous 360. Goal is a lean 220(my former playing weight). I’m clean eating now and starting excercise although it’s slow going. This is my change guys. I can help you and you can help me.

We all have to take personal responsibility and discipline to reach our goals but we don’t have to do it alone. Friend me if you like. If not then good luck on your journey.



  • mktzreid
    mktzreid Posts: 1 Member
    You can do it!!!
  • Tracey628
    Tracey628 Posts: 20 Member
    I am not sure how to friend request but im feeling the same . Husband was deployed and i ate my way through plus weight gain from having kids. Ive lost and gained back and this time i need to do it and keep it off !
    I wish you all the luck in the world ! You got this !
  • GrayRider61
    GrayRider61 Posts: 337 Member
    You can add me
  • hititskip
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    Cute dog! Feel free to add.
  • kboggs777
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    Add me....