Family Meal or cook for one?



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    I cook for the entire family...usually protein, starch and veggies are seperate, so I can have more veggies and the kids can have more starch.
    Tbh I dont weigh my food when we eat..I use the recipe builder, or weigh some part beforehand if possible, so some is a bit guesssing...if I eat alone i weigh everything.

    The reason is my daughter is getting quite "teenage"like (she's 10) and I really dont want her to worry about food or calories too much
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    Thanks everyone, what is this recipe builder some of you mention? It sounds handy.
    Do I find it in the app or website?
    You can find it in both. In the app it is in the sidebar , under recipe meals food, then click create recipe

    You can import from websites or copy paste ingredients from websites or type in Ingredients yourself in create new recipe.

    The key is to double check entries and quantities because the first thing myfitnesspal comes up with might not be the right ingredient or the right nutritional info for the ingredient, which is tedious but once the recipe is saved you are good to go.

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    its on both...on the website its under the food tab

    on the app...its on the more options page (click the button on the bottom right) and its abuot 1/3 of the way down
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    I have very different dietary needs as most of my family. My husband and 3/4 of my kids are meat eaters. I am a vegetarian and am Gluten and Dairy is one of my 4 kids. I do the best I can to make stuff like rice and vegetables and meat separate so that every one can make a plate of what works for them. Sometimes I end up making an entirely separate meal for myself. It is what it is and no one goes hungry. Sometimes my meals for myself actually means that there will be enough for the growing preteen boy to have another helping or two as well.
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    Just wonderd how people manage to cook for a family or do you cook your own food separately?
    For instance, I have made a big pot of veg soup, all ingrediants were weighed & I divide that figure which I then write in my diary. But, I'm just wondering once its all cooked & dished out, I dont actually know if, for example, I have had 100 grm of potato or not.
    Not that worried I just wonderd how people work it out who cook for a family?

    I use the recipe builder instead of logging the indivudual components of a mixed dish.
    I don't worry about whether I got exactly 100 g potato in my serving of soup.
    Sometimes my plate looks slightly different. I generally have more vegetables on my plate. Tonight we will have fajitas and dh and dd will use tortillas but I am going to have mine as a salad. Sometimes I skip side items like rice, fries or bread that they might be eating.

    Sometimes I do make dd a completely different meal because she was 20 lbs underweight and is just into a healthy weight now. I'd rather put the extra effort in to make sure she eats enough than have her weight drop again or have her malnourished because that is a real possibility. If your family members are not at risk of that over the occasional missed meal or do not have a medically restricted diet then sure tell them "eat what I cook or starve".
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    Click on Food, From there go to Recipes, from there on the right side go to the Old Recipe Calculator.
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    Thanks All.
    I've just found it & added a chicken dinner (to try it out)
    Going to add my breakfast now, as thats usually the same every day. A new toy :)
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    I use the recipe builder when I cook a meal for my family. I weigh the whole dish when it’s done... I just have to remember to weigh the pot or pan or whatever it ends up in before I start cooking ! I keep meaning to weigh all my pots and pans etc and making a cheat sheet lol
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    I was just wondering what the best food scale to use for measuring out the portion size of your food I'm new at this so I'm trying to get the hang of it to make sure I get the right amount of calories so I don't go over. Want a good scale but when I can afford

    Aside from digital you don't need an expensive scale. Anything that'll show you 1g is 1g is all you need. Pointless paying loads for the same info.