Does a fit bit help keep you on track?

Wondering if getting a fit bit or something of the like would be beneficial and help me stay on track? Does anyone recommend or NOT recommend? Thanks


  • Saaski
    Saaski Posts: 105 Member
    I think it depends on what your goals are. Do you just want to be reminded to move more? Then getting a step counter (many of them have move reminders now) for that might be good. In the same vein, if you want to be aware of your activity a tracker can be good for that. I like mine (I have a Garmin) for both of those reasons.

    I'd only be cautious about getting a tracker that also gives you a calorie burn. Many times those are overestimated. The general rule of thumb around here so I've seen is to start with eating back half of your calories and adjust from there.
  • angelsja
    angelsja Posts: 860 Member
    I love mine and am finding it pretty accurate I've had it since February and since crunching the numbers I have established it's off by about 250 calories a day so to lose a lb a week I need a deficit of 750 rather than 500 but it's working for me :)
  • SunlightKisses
    SunlightKisses Posts: 12 Member
    I love my Fitbit and it definitely motivates me to move more. I wouldn’t say it’s worth the 150 full price though. I brought a refurbished one off of eBay and have had no problems with it.
  • LifeWithPie
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    My Charge 2 was TOTALLY worth the $150 bucks. I love it.
  • mabelgrex
    mabelgrex Posts: 24 Member
    I would say yes,
    have had one for several years and lets me know how much activity/cals is happening vs food ,
  • sschauer513
    sschauer513 Posts: 313 Member
    I just have a heart rate monitor which I find very useful was overestimating the burn before it.
  • lorrpb
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    It helps me keep moving and I feel lost without it.
  • EllieTheLondoner
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    I think it's good initially when you can't stop checking it, but then the novelty can wear off and it can become a glorified expensive watch with poor battery life!
    Having said that, even when I'm not actively monitoring my steps, I still keep an eye on sleep and general activity trends.
    I wouldn't say it's actually helped shift a single kg though. But I can only really day that's probably down to the user!
  • jenn308
    jenn308 Posts: 19 Member
    For me it helps to keep me active. I cannot say that this alone has helped me loose weight, but i definitely have aimed for the 8000 steps per day. The one I purchased was under $100 and I would say it is worth it.
  • I feel like its helps me and keeps me staying active. Every little bit helps.
  • mrsjhardin
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    Mine is definitely a motivation! I love the fact that it reminds me to get moving and allows me to do challenges as well.
  • greypilgrimess
    greypilgrimess Posts: 353 Member
    My Fitbit Charge HR didn't really motivate me like I hoped (also don't get one of those, there seem to be a lot of issues, we've had 3 fail in 2 years).
    However my MIL found it motivated her so much she now walks 10 miles a day up from being sedentary! She gets added motivation from challenge groups within the app, and has moved onto virtual races so she gets medals for it too.
  • kungpaochicken
    kungpaochicken Posts: 1 Member
    My fitbit definitely keeps me motivated to get my steps in and keep moving in general. That combined with logging my food to keep me honest has been very helpful in losing weight, which is my goal
  • mca90guitar
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    Didnt bother taking mine today. Mon-fri I average about the same amount of steps. It telling me what I already know isn't going to do anything.

    Will use it on cardio day even though I hear the heart rate isn't accurate.

    Mine was free as my sister bought a Apple watch. Given what I know know I'm glad I didn't drop the cash on one personally. Just don't see much benefit to it.