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Hi, I have the Fitbit charge hr and really like but would like a watch that I can swim in or even shower in. Looking at the I watch series 3 or Fitbit Versa.

Just wondering what others thoughts are for a fitness watch?

Does the iwatch track calories burned accurately? That’s what I like about the Fitbit but I also like the gps for running in the iwatch!

I’m torn


  • Saaski
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    I have a Garmin vivosmart hr that I got specifically because it was waterproof (and pretty well rated for it's level of fitness tracker). It does have an HR sensor but I do find that it overestimates... sometimes by a ridiculous amount. I tend to take the 'burn' with several grains of salt, but it has the step counter and a few other features that works for me.
  • mandrewes
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    There was scientific research that came out relatively recently (? 6 months ago) that found all the fitness trackers it studied overestimated the number of calories burned by 20% - 100%+ (from memory) I think in that particular study the Apple Watch was the most accurate (but it may not for your particular activities). Remember also that the more exercise you do the more efficient you are and you may also weigh less - both meaning fewer calories burned.
  • claritea1
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    My Apple Watch seems pretty spot-on. The burn calories it calculates is less than any other app or calculator I have found.
  • threec
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    I love my Apple Watch! It’s a big adjustment coming from the Fitbit I found but I love it