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Favorite weight lifting videos

So I keep trying to do self directed body strength training and weight lifting and hate it. It just feels awkward for me. I love aerobic workout videos so I'm thinking I might like weight lifting workout videos? I am all fat so it would be beginner videos with handheld dumbbells. Have four kids so 30 mins would be preferred as well. Please list your favorites! Goal is to maintain muscle while eating 500 to 750 below maintenance.


  • mdlowrance
    mdlowrance Posts: 20 Member
    Jillian has a new lifting only video. It hasn’t come in yet, but I ordered it. It’s called lift and shred.
  • hopebewild
    hopebewild Posts: 17 Member
    I'll have to check it out thanks!
  • Enthusiast84
    Enthusiast84 Posts: 171 Member
    Rebecca Louise on youtube is really good for this. Her videos are only 10/15 minutes long and really easy to fit in. Pop sugar fitness have some good routines too as do fitness blender. All relatively short.
  • vermilionflower
    vermilionflower Posts: 29 Member
    Kelly coffey-myers 30 minutes to Fitness. There are a bunch of them.
  • strong_curves
    strong_curves Posts: 2,229 Member
    There are tons of videos on youtube where dumbbells are used. Check out fitness blender and hasfit to start with. Once you become more comfortable you could look into more strength training programs like strong lifts or strong curves, etc.
  • gettingfit65
    gettingfit65 Posts: 349 Member
    Chalean Extreme is good.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 33,050 Member
    bbell1985 wrote: »
    I think it's more beneficial to look up a tried and true PROGRam and then look up form videos on the specific lifts.

    OP, if you want to consider this (it's good advice from someone very successful with strength training - check her profile pic), the definitive thread about solid strength training programs is here:

    It includes beginner & dumbbell programs, plus lots of good advice.
  • hopebewild
    hopebewild Posts: 17 Member
    Thanks everyone! Yeah I've seen that thread. I've tried the start program but it was too awkward and boring. I tried weight lifting in PE in high school and I was bored then. That's why I'm asking for videos because quite frankly I know I wont follow some program on my own and I don't have time/ daycare to go to gym.
  • maineapple
    maineapple Posts: 133 Member
    I love DVD workouts by The Firm. They are aerobic weight training and are truly excellent. You can find them on Ebay consistently. Two of my very favorites are The Hare and The Tortoise by Tracy Long.
  • URaGoddess_2020
    URaGoddess_2020 Posts: 8 Member
    I don't think a program or videos will work for you right now unless you are consistent. I think the first thing to do is pick 5-6 good workouts with a dumbbell at home. Set your schedule and do that for 30 days no matter what. Consistency should be your first goal.
    Suggested routine at home (FYI, this is what I started with):
    1. DB shoulder press
    2. DB lateral raise
    3. DB biceps curl/hammer curls
    4. Triceps kickbacks
    5. DB back rows
    6. Squats
    7. DB deadlifts

    This is a good routine to start.