Im definitely gonna need some support

My names Chad Im from FORT Worth Tx and im a very Big guy 500lbs+ im 28yrs old 6'4 I use to be very active growing up I was in alot of sport mostly fooball power lifting Ive always been Big but the past 10yrs I've been very inactive in that has to change I've been consistently working out for the past 3 week's and I feel if I document my progress ill continue to be motivated to keep it goin so far I've only been doing 60min of cardio a day on the treadmill and bike wasnt I sure how my body was gonna handle the shock of me being active again so Ive eased my way back into it thanks to this app I can actually count every calorie I put into my body which helps greatly im ppen to any and all suggestions to get this weight off I have a 7yr old son and 10yr old Niece I have to be in this world for feel free to contact me with any suggestions of what I should do to make it to my weight loss goal!


  • BionicJay
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    Sounds like you're on the right path. Exercise alone will get you started but don't neglect your diet. Keep on keeping on and stay focused.
  • Shortie0987
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    60 mins of cardio a day!! That's awesome man!! The first steps are the hardest to take but I believe in you! You got this , this app is awesome and has helped me in the past loose 60 some lbs. I lost my way and gained it all back plus some but I'm back now. And already this app is helping me. Stick with it and dont be afraid to lean on this community for suport
  • Healthyhunny231567
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    Sounds like you are doing awesome with your workouts!! I love this app so much because it holds me accountable for what I'm eating and how much I'm working pretty new so don't know a lot yet but if you've got the attitude I know you can do it!! :):):)
  • octaviaclashjoseph
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    You got this!!
  • KeThur_18
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    Feel free to add I'll cheer u on
  • bornwhitehot
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    You can do it Chad!! I have three grand babies that need me. Surely helps to have a set goal, and use each day to get that much closer to that goal. Keep counting your calories & exercising. As soon as you know it, you will have achieved all you set out to!! Good luck!!
  • keeler521
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    I think documenting would be an awesome story that you can share with your family years from now, and others that might be in the same situation, and like you said, its self motivation as well. I regret not documenting mine, but its all good.
  • ellencetera
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    I'll send you a request - I'm also looking to lose a lot of weight and make some general lifestyle changes so maybe we can support each other!
    60 mins cardio a day is incredible, by the way! Great work!
  • TX_Matt
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    You can do it, you are on the right path. Acknowledging that you have the motivation and motive to change and will power to do so. I would recommend to start with cutting out soft drinks and other stuff with empty calories. I personally did Keto and it’s been great for me
  • HappyKat5
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    You’ve acknowledged the hardest part which is realizing you need to make a change. I think you’re off to a great start. Don’t be discouraged when things don’t go as planned, because everyone makes mistakes, just simply just have to learn from them and strive to do a little better each day! You got this!! :):)
  • aartamella06
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    You're off to a great start. Keep on making sure you go consistently. Try to go the same time every day to really solidify the habit. Once you lose a comfortable amount of weight try to incorporate weights(preferably compound movements). The people at your gym would probably love to help
  • sodah
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    Chad. Ditto to HappyKat5’s comment. Acknowledgment is a major step in and of itself. 60 min cardio is also great. I’m pulling for you. Richard
  • bandb678
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    Proud of you being here and getting back on track. Add me if you wish
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    Add me!