Fought my weight and won

It took 4 years and it was a bumpy road but I go down to my goal weight!
I won my first fight to at the same time!


My journey started after having my first child where at the end of the pregnancy I weighed 100kg. Granted I started the pregnancy around 85kg. It was a traumatic pregnancy, I developed carpel tunnel and both hands, pre-eclempsia, and general ill health, I believe some of these could have been avoided if I were healthier and in a healthier environment.
I dropped by first 20 to 25kg in about a year, dropped my abusive husband and felt happy and content at mid 70s right up until around the middle of last year.
In a supportive and happy environment combined with a new addiction (Muay Thai) I got the motivation to finally reach a healthy weight. The thing with Muay Thai is if you want to have a fight there is no real option but to be fit and healthy, between training etc you have to be healthy to succeed. To get matched with an opponent that wont tower over you there is no option but to be as light as possible.
Its hard to say exactly what my weight is, its not the 59kg I weighed in at the day before my fight because you achieve that weight artificially through water loss, but I am now happily sitting around the low 60s (technically the high end of healthy bmi but we all know how vague that system is).
That look on my face winning my fight is a combination of so many emotions, its been such a long journey but I have made it!


  • amfmmama
    amfmmama Posts: 1,420 Member
    I love you post! Congrats on both wins!
  • ziesergirl_66
    ziesergirl_66 Posts: 1,002 Member
    edited April 2018
    Congrats! Yes, your face says it all! Celebrate!! 'throws confetti' :)
  • RebeccaRNBSN
    RebeccaRNBSN Posts: 75 Member
    wow!!! congratulations, you look great!!
  • jennifer_417
    jennifer_417 Posts: 12,344 Member
    Fantastic work!!!
  • tale_of_the_tape
    tale_of_the_tape Posts: 3 Member
    Way to go, love your story!
  • briannadunn
    briannadunn Posts: 841 Member
    Woot woot awesome girlfriend
  • PAFC84
    PAFC84 Posts: 1,871 Member
    I love how your opponent looks like she's still trying to work out what just happened. Great work
  • Styggian
    Styggian Posts: 465 Member
    Awesome story and awesome results. big congratulations :)
  • eprybs
    eprybs Posts: 36 Member
    Incredible results! Congrats on your hard work!
  • NextRightThing714
    NextRightThing714 Posts: 355 Member
    One of the most inspirational posts I've seen on MFP! Congratulations!
  • thatdesertgirl777
    thatdesertgirl777 Posts: 269 Member
    Great job! I got carpal tunnel in both my hands when I was pregnant 18 years ago too! I actually never have met anyone else who had that happen besides you and I. You look awesome.
  • mjolnir81
    mjolnir81 Posts: 27 Member
    You look great and so happy! Well done :smiley:
  • meganpettigrew86
    meganpettigrew86 Posts: 349 Member
    Great job! I got carpal tunnel in both my hands when I was pregnant 18 years ago too! I actually never have met anyone else who had that happen besides you and I. You look awesome.

    Did you get surgery? I got surgery at about 7mths pregnant in both hands was crazy. Before my fight I had my gloves taped on and my thoughts went back to having both hands bandaged and unable to do anything for myself.
  • zeraldamccarthy
    zeraldamccarthy Posts: 2 Member
    Awesome and congratulations <3<3
  • NU2014
    NU2014 Posts: 8 Member
    This is incredible! Congratulations on your win and your success! The transformation of your body is so motivating.
  • DanerTee
    DanerTee Posts: 263 Member
    Holy cow! You look fierce, happy and healthy. Amazing work!
  • sjkcarter
    sjkcarter Posts: 417 Member
    Congratulations on both the win and the weight loss!!!
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