Its time for the go 5' 2'

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I am looking for friends for motivation with similar stats.

A little about me. I am a wife and a mother of four children. In 2009/2010 I lost 50lbs with weight watchers and that is the best I have ever felt in my own skin. I loved to run and be active. In 2011 I had our last child and gained some of my weight back. Over the past 6 years I have lost some and gained some. I am at my highest weight ever:( A few weeks ago I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic so here is to getting healthy for me.

I am 5ft 2in. I am starting off with some small goals such as 5% and than 10% and go from there. I live in Wisconsin so the weather has not been in my favor. I work in an office so I don't have a very active day but when its not brutally cold I walk on my two breaks. I am going to pick a 5k or 10k to run this year to get me motivated to run again. We have a treadmill and elliptical at home and I have also printed a few home workouts that I hope to get my older girls to take part in with me. I know I will not eat 100% all the time because if I cut out everything I am only setting myself up for failure. My goal is 80/20 at least. This is not a diet its a life style change and little by little will achieve.

My husband and I attend rock fest every year so my goal is to fit back into some of my cute summer clothes.

Any good advice you have please share.


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    Well, weight loss is all about food and you haven't mentioned logging food and staying within your calorie goals. You can't outrun too much food. :)

    Good luck, if you've done it before, you can do it again.
  • dejesus4
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    Been tracking, walking lots, and getting lots of watch in.
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    You can’t go wrong if calories in are less than calories out. It’s simple in principle but hard in practice.

    Weigh everything you intend to eat. Log it. Know what your calorie goal is and aim to stay inside it. Sometimes you’ll fall off the wagon. When you do get straight back on it. One wobble isn’t the end of the world.

    Make choices you can live with forever. Excercise is great for your health, but you won’t out work-out a bad diet so maybe place your focus on your diet for weight loss and take excercise for fun and health.

    You did something amazing when you lost 50lbs! You know how to loose weight, now you just need to do it again. But this time you need to make long term lifestyle changes so you keep it off for the long term.
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    I'm 5.2 as well :smile: Us shorter folk can't carry those pounds as well, am looking forward to saying goodbye to mine!!
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    Hi. I can relate. I'm 5ft and also lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers awhile ago. Felt great, happy and confident but slowly the weight started creeping back on. 2 years ago I had gained about 30 pounds back and thought "enough already"! I wasn't happy, wasn't feeling good and was getting older so I decided to lose weight again for the last time. I also had my 25th wedding anniversary coming up so a goal in mind: to look and feel good for my anniversary trip. I decided to just do small changes since I had 2 years to lose 30 pounds but that did not work out so well. The first 3 months I lost only 3 pounds! So frustrating. I decided to do the Whole 30, which I had done in the past. I think my problem is hormonal and giving up sugar and gluten really helped me. That kick started my weight loss and I continued to try to eat mostly no sugar, gluten or dairy with planned joy eats once a week. That plus adding strength training helped me to lose 25 pounds last year. Then, like I always do I started to let myself slide and ended up gaining 5 pounds over the holidays. I have been unable to lose any weight since November of last year (or more accurately I have lost and gained the same 5 pounds since then). I am now recommitting to lose the last 10 pounds for my anniversary trip to Arizona this June. I am logging my food this time around and am starting an online program next week. I live in Michigan and we actually had sun and 60 degree temps today so it was nice to go out for a walk. My advice is to track your calories and be consistent. It's hard being short and not getting to eat that many calories so planning meals around low calorie veggies is helpful, as is eating more lean protein. Good luck! I would love to keep in touch and encourage you on your journey.
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    I'm barely 5 foot.. Used to do weight watchers like 17 years ago too! I can relate to all the short girl probs lol. You girls can add me if you'd like more support =)
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    I’m also 5’2” . I used weight watcher in the past and lost 16lbs but my last attempt with WW didn’t go so well. I recently started counting my macros using MFP and intermittent fasting. I admit I was scared to death but I can honestly say I have felt so much better! I have more energy and it’s only been a week so far! I have decided not to weight until around May 14 ! I’m here for support!! You got this!!!
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    I'm barely 5 foot.. Used to do weight watchers like 17 years ago too! I can relate to all the short girl probs lol. You girls can add me if you'd like more support =)

    Same same same. I just made a post in my profile about this. Best of luck to all you ladies! Agree - gotta find something you can do for life.

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    I'm just over 5ft 2 and I'm looking to trim and tone. Im finding weight loss after having a child difficult and half my wardrobe doesn't fit but I'm determined to get where I want to be. Would be great to have the support
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    I am 5'2" and 41 years old. Just a short body of efficiency, it is so easy to go over my allowed calories and super hard to stay under it. I am trying to lose the same 10 lbs. I lost in 2015, but have regained.

    This time around I am really trying to control sugar. I was feeling lethargic in the afternoon and think it might have something to do with the crazy amount of sugar I had added to my diet over the last year. So I am logging my meals again and have cut out added sugar in snacks and coffee.
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    I’m 5’2” as well and a mum of 4, I also had my last baby in 2011 and since then my weight has gone up and down. When I started on here 7 weeks ago I was 204lbs, I’m now 190lbs, the lightest I’ve been in the last 7 years is 185 lbs and for some reason I end up gaining it back. This time though I’m more determined than I’ve ever been, I’m not on a silly diet I’m overhauling my lifestyle and changing the way I think about food. I have always been an emotional eater but I seem to have overcome that in recent weeks for the first time in my life. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again cause it’s been more than 10 years since I have. I’m one of those people who has always thought I was big and really overweight even when I was slim I was convinced I wasn’t then I would eat and feel guilty about binging. We can do this!
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    I'm 5' 3" so I can relate to being too short to carry extra weight (without feeling blimpish). One of my goals other than losing weight is to reduce added sugar in my diet--since high sugar is inflammatory and I have RA. So you can add me if you want. My diary is open and I'm happy to have more MFP friends. Oh-almost forgot-mom of 3 grown young men.
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    i'm 5"3 and 140 lbs, feel like its so much more obvious carrying the extra pounds. Need to lose around 20 lbs as i have weak joints and limited flexibility - just feel like it will make my life easier. I've just started the 5:2 diet today! anyone is free to add me for support and my diary is open :) good luck all!