Have you ever traveled by yourself?



  • Healthyhunny231567
    Healthyhunny231567 Posts: 2,036 Member
    Nope im terrified of traveling alone lol...im a babyyyy
  • AprilRN10
    AprilRN10 Posts: 553 Member
    Absolutely. Frequently.
  • _thisnameischosen_
    _thisnameischosen_ Posts: 168 Member
    Depends how far you mean, I commute to work alone which takes 2.5 hours... Other than that, when I lived in Spain I took a flight back home as my friend who I had travelled there with wanted to stay. But in all fairness that flight only took around 2.5-3 hours so pretty much the same alone time.. I'm not very adventurous.. :(
  • dutchandkiwi
    dutchandkiwi Posts: 1,389 Member
    edited April 2018
    Of course. In fact frequently Both for holiday and for work. In all honesty I travel more on my own than with my husband. As does he.
  • gcibsthom
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    All over the world....I find it much easier and enjoyable to travel alone
  • cbstewart88
    cbstewart88 Posts: 453 Member
    Always and everywhere!! It's much more fun, easier to meet people, and there's no compromising!!! :) Only downside - no one to watch your luggage when you use the airport bathroom....