Failed !

I gained 10 pounds ... was doing good I need friends support groups


  • concordancia
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    This isn't a pass/fail thing, it is a a get up again and do what you need to do thing.
  • 100_PROOF_
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    Oh honey this isn't a failure. It's a lesson learned. Figure out where you went wrong correct it so it doesn't happen again. There's no failures here.
  • thesnackmonster
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    Don’t give up, this is just a bump in the road. I read the message boards for daily inspiration. Send me a friend request if you like?
  • SueSueDio
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    This isn't a pass/fail thing, it is a a get up again and do what you need to do thing.


    Besides which,I doubt it's all fat - there's probably some water weight in there as well, and there could be a hormone-related "gain".

    You only fail if you throw in the towel completely. Pick yourself up and keep at it - keep moving forwards, even if you're just crawling!

  • bbell1985
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    I'm hard on myself too. I consider my weight gain a "fail". I tried reading books on self compassion and that ain't me.

    We just gotta do it again! I'm hopping back on today too.
  • 100_PROOF_
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    I don't think anyone here can say they done this weight loss thing perfectly. We've all made mistakes. It's part of the process.
    Get back on the horse and move forward!
  • WagsTowson
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    Between 3/14 and 4/13 I lost 6 lbs, and in my 1-week vacay just gained 4 back. BUT, I know now that I can lose it, and I'm sure you can too. You look young and beautiful already! Don't be too hard on yourself!
  • steplaj
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    Hi Everyone

    We all need help, and we all benefit from friends... I want to share this fantastic group - you should all check it out. The group is the Fat2Fit - Weight Loss Challenge. This is an awesome group, with great support, encouragement, motivation. We all share the same struggles and challenges as you. It is also a great place to get your focus and stay focused. Check it out, you'll like it! This is a great place to make friends and have fun while participating in a friendly competition and supporting / encouraging each other.

    Link to the group:
  • goalsforever03
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    Add me ! I gained my weight back as well ..hoping this time around I won’t gaine it back
  • winter_willows
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    Add me, I gained too in December - Feburary and am working on getting back on track :)
  • sytchequeen
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    nobody ever learned anything from success, only from their failures. Hit "replay"