• DLove9321
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    Hi all! lets get moving! Feel free to add. Runner here
  • fatguy_fitness
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    Anyone can add me as well!
  • lucyxolu
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    Y'all can add me!
  • sidcorsini
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    I'm a California native, trying yet again to bust out some good health. No meds, low resting HR, low cholesterol, no C-Pap, ability to walk fast,....these things I want to retain. Eating too much isn't worth losing these blessings in life. Welcome all friends. Enjoy a brilliant day, SC
  • conboring
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    Please add me. From Marietta, GA and attempting to get back into shape. Need to lose 20-25lbs. Ideally, 30lbs but I’m 55yrs old and trying to be realistic so I don’t set myself up for failure. I’ve used MFP in the past then abandoned it. I think having friends that will hold me accountable is just what I need. I’m 5’2 and was 150lbs when I began on Monday, 4/2. Lost 3.5 so far. Determined!
  • kathykatkitty
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    Hi there, I am currently on day number 6 of Keto. I too am looking for keto friends. Please add me.
  • I sooo need friends,I have a long road ahead and doing this alone, your all more than welcome to add me :)<3
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    Feel free to add me :) I need all the encouragement I can get x
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    Hey y’all! Add me, I’m in need of friends
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    Add me
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    Feel free to add me.
    Just joined MFP 5 days ago. Would love to make new friends, get exercise and meal ideas, and help staying motivated to keep going.