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Hey all. I’m new to this app and looking for support. I was always slender in high school, but after 3 kids and unhealthy eating habits, my weight ballooned up to 185. On a 5 foot frame, that is a little excessive. I am trying to lose about 45 pounds. I have lost 5 within the last 3 days just by watching what I eat and drinking a ton of water. But I still lack the motivation to continue. Any suggestions for staying away from the snacks?


  • JMcGee2018
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    Try to come up with a reason that you want to lose weight, and whenever you're feeling unmotivated remind yourself of that reason. For example, is your current weight making it hard for you to keep up with your kids? Find clothes you like? Feel confident?

    Once you identify why you want this, it becomes a little easier, but ultimately it is determination, not motivation, that makes weight loss possible.
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    I'd ignore motivation and aim for daily discipline. If you plan to hit your calorie goal, log everything you eat. You'll feel a sense of accomplishment when you stay under that number. If you don't feel like exercising, ignore that feeling and put on your workout gear and go outside for a walk or drive to your gym and participate in a class you like. Take some "before" and "after" photos - your face, your front, from the side, and your back. Keep losing weight and take another set of pictures in about a month. Being able to see your progress may be enough to keep you going toward your goal.

    As far as staying away from snacks, change what they are. Choose an apple instead of a bag of potato chips. If you do choose potato chips, log those into your daily diary and see what you have left to eat and do that.
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    I am in love with colas and bread so now I look at them and say, -is this good enough to give up my health for? I remind myself that the good feeling I get from scarfing down junk only lasts a few min and then change what I am doing. Going outside for a few min or something.
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    My best substitute is great Earth sweet and spicy tea. Make it strong and even if you don't like tea you will most likely love this. Only a few calories and you don't need to add any suger or sweeteners. It is so good, the regular does have caffeine