Critique my diet / exercise please


Please critique my diary.


I have a sense of gaining weight. I know my clothes are loser than a couple of months before but seems to fluctuate or plateau (appearance, don't weight so much.

I am making my diary public.

I am female around 65 kg. Been doing 25 min non stop fast jog on the treadmill at the gym, a month before this. inactive a year before that with Illness. Before that was doing weight training (Jamie Eason ) full intensity at the gym for maybe 4 months and other stuff before that. Good results.

Working out at home. Don't want to go the the gym for time management reasons.

I have videos, dumb bells (up to 5 kg) kettle bells (up to 12 kg) barbell (20 kg total) pull up bar (need to fix it up) and may get a boxing bag.

BREAKFAST Usually date, lemon honey tea and oats / eggs

MID MORNING homemade fresh smoothie 16 oz carrot beet and greens flaxseed kombucha garlic ginger
Kefir shake (teaspoon honey vanilla, banana or other fruit)

LUNCH Chickpeas, lentils, chicken, cottage cheese

DINNER boiled chicken drumsticks (daughter's lunch leftover bun or burger :) )

I had a burger for dinner to have carbs before T25


Doing T25 at bedtime week 2 (down with fever / sore throat for a few days so didn't do it yesterday)

20 min or so of fast dancing with the Just dance app in the morning (more to raise my vibration and have fun)

Yoga daily (Kundalini, for spiritual growth).

Yoga (hatha) for flexibility on my rest day

This week (2) of T25 will do some lower body mat work on the muscles (e.g. Tracy Anderson) daily in the morning
Week 3 of T25 will add kettlebells thrice a week

With week 5 (beta) I will maybe add barbell /kettlebell deadlifts and squats and push-ups (bodyweight work) alternating with kettlebells


  • quiksylver296
    quiksylver296 Posts: 28,140 Member
    How many calories are you eating per day?

    How many calories per day does this website tell you to eat?

    Are those two numbers close to each other? If yes, you're good to go. If no, fix that.
  • MerryMavis1
    MerryMavis1 Posts: 73 Member
    OP what are your goals? If it's weight loss then what's your calorie intake and how does that line up with the needed calorie intake/deficit you need to obtain your weight loss goals?
  • JMcGee2018
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    We need to know how many calories that is before we can give any meaningful feedback. The exercise seems good, and your food choices seem fine, but if you're taking in too many calories (dates are high in them, as are many "healthy" shakes), it doesn't matter how healthy the foods you're eating are, you'll still gain weight.
  • happyfulfillment
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for replying (figuring out how to get notifications etc here)

    MyFitnessPal recommended settings give me 1250 calories per day. I am usually under the calorie goal.

    I've been logging for maybe 3 weeks or so and gone over a few calories maybe once or twice. Generally healthy, the odd Nutella teaspoon or biscuit or cup of tea but usually healthy as outlined above, no cravings either.

    I get what you're saying: key is a calorie deficit regardless of quality or type of calories, for weightloss. So far I do have a deficit and good water intake. Some days I seem to feel bigger some days smaller which is weird.