Loose skin

Anyone have issues with loose skin after a large weight loss? If not how did you combat it? I started at 350 lbs, I'm currently at 328 with no intention of stopping soon. I am however concerned about looseskin when I reach my goal.


  • latentspring
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    the three most repeated things I hear every time someone asks this question: time, moisturizer, and strength training. /thread
  • kchuch77
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    I’ve heard that taking collagen, lots of water, and lifting weights while you lose can help.
  • tirowow12385
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    Was 300 lbs when I started, now at 187, no hint of loose skin whatsoever. No I don't have " good genetics", I read on another website that you will see loose skin when it's 150 and above in weight loss so we'll see, I need to lose 30 more to reach my ideal weight. I have not tried to combat it, I kinda just assumed I'd shrink and shriveled up and it's been that way so far, I can only tell you this, i lift very light( under 100 pounds) and my protein intake is anywhere between 10-20% of my daily diet, skin is protein and you will lose protein and fat during weight loss and it's also possible I've moved some of them to my muscle groups. Hope that helps.
  • lostsomeweightonce
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    I'm down from 307 to 235. So far no loose skin except I can see maybe a little tiny bit starting right under my belly button. I've lost fast and have had no issues yet. I keep my diet high in protein and really focus on weightlifting daily. I just hope to keep as much muscle mass as possible till I get down to 200.

    Take a look at this guys videos might help with motivation even if you end up with some.
  • ChelleDee07
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    Weights. Resistance Bands. Weights. Resistance Bands. It makes a difference!! I lost over 100 lbs in 8 months and yes... I do have some loose skin, but NOTHING like I imagined it would be. Why!? Because I added weights and resistance band training.
  • kmlbarky
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    I would add compression garments or wrapping to the previous suggestions.
  • Caitlin1812
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    I have only lost 30kg (66lb) and have loose skin. It bothers me but I guess it’s better to have it than to be unhealthy.
  • Dustin0525
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    I have actually lost 180lbs and while my love handles have loose skin, the rest of me looks really good considering. Lifting weights has helped me hide 95% of it.
  • JaydedMiss
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    I have loose skin 100 pounds down, Im lucky its relatively minimal considering, But when i bend over i melt to the floor lol. Beats being obese.