172lb weight loss update!

Dustin0525 Posts: 40 Member
Currently sitting at 216lbs with around a 10% body fat. Won’t bore people with my background again but I was 388 at my heaviest 17 months ago. People say I don’t even look like I was ever overweight my body rebounded so well. Anyways below are the before and after.


  • lbeasley9896
    lbeasley9896 Posts: 1 Member
    That’s awesome man! This past Saturday I started the “Carnivore” diet and I’m down 7lbs so far. Goal weight is 215-220 by October
  • eprybs
    eprybs Posts: 36 Member
    you look amazing! Nice work!
  • Daysicp
    Daysicp Posts: 3 Member
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