Looking for exercise for Multiple Sclerosis without overheating

I also have a exercise ball as well I can use. It's Just hard because as soon as I get hot I get sick. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks


  • JMcGee2018
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    Low intensity exercises like walking are probably best. Also, splitting up your workout into mini workouts throughout the day might be a good idea for you, like 5 squats when you get out of bed, some pushups (wall or regular) while you wait for your morning coffee to brew, etc.. This way you won't be working out long enough at any one time to raise your core temperature very much, which should prevent you from getting sick.
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    • water aerobics can help stave off the heat.
    • any of the sit and be fit programs like chairfit with nancy
    • Canada made a nice little pdf with suggestions.
    • yoga -not hot- would be nice because it can help with strength, flexiblity, and balance. and i recommend going to a few classes so you can learn about alignment which is essential to prevent injury
    • there was a study that suggested things like Wiis
    • MS Website has a nice list made and grouped by type
  • Keto_Vampire
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    Relevant section of interest:

    "8.8. Heat Tolerance

    Higher percieved effort during heat (or due to elevations in body heat) are thought to be mediated by either the serotonergic system (suppresses performance)[388] or the dopaminergic system (enhances performance),[389][234] and creatine is thought to be involved in percieved effort during heat training since it has been noted previously to interact with neurotransmission by enhancing both serotonergic[253] and dopaminergic[230] neurotransmission.

    When exercising in heat, supplemental creatine (loading phase with carbohydrates) appears to be able to reduce symptoms of hyperthermia, such as perceived physical exertion.[156] Despite physical performance enhancement only occurring in responders, the benefits of heat tolerance occurred in both groups of people.[156]

    Endurance exercise is also known to produce heat from skeletal muscle tissue, and an increase in internal temperature occurs when the production of heat (from metabolism) exceeds release. This increase in heat is accelerated when training in hot environments[390] and it is thought to be beneficial to retain water (hydration) during exercise, since more water allows a preservation of plasma volume (PV) and the sweat response reduces internal temperature.[391][392] This particular phenomena may only apply to endurance exercise, since creatine is able to increase sprint performance in heat, independent of altering the decline in PV and sweat rates.[393]

    Creatine supplementation (11.4g) with glycerol (1g/kg; per se effective[394][395]) and glucose (75g) in endurance runners in the heat appears to attenuate the increase in internal temperature associated with an increase in total body water of 0.71+/-0.42L, while performance (VO2 max and running economy) were unaffected over 30 minutes.[4] Creatine is effective without glycerol (20g daily with 140g of glucose polymer over a week),[346] again without an improvement in physical performance."