Desk Jockies Wanted!



  • time2change1111
    time2change1111 Posts: 114 Member
    Managed 4000 steps on lunch break today. Happy with that. Hopefully the nice weather continues!
  • doubleplay549
    doubleplay549 Posts: 8 Member
    Ive been on a business trip. Added all new members. Today I get back at it. 20 squats every hour.
  • Spaffdavidson
    Spaffdavidson Posts: 117 Member
    Desk jockey here too...8 hours a day :s Feel free to add me
  • AgileK9
    AgileK9 Posts: 257 Member
    Me too! I was walking at lunch for awhile but winter hit and I haven't gotten back to it. Love your idea of doing something at your desk each hour. I think I would be less drained by the end of the day if I did something.

    I workout after work, either lift or bike usually. Feel free to add me too. Just got back on MFP recently.
  • ejoyk113
    ejoyk113 Posts: 7 Member
    Anyone can add me! If I sit at my desk all day I’m at 1,500 steps. If I make an effort to move more, my daily is at 3,000. I just have to work extra hard after work to get steps in!
  • doubleplay549
    doubleplay549 Posts: 8 Member
    I am back from a 2 week business trip. Time to get going again. Todays deskercise is going to be: 1 minute plank once every hour. Feel free to join in or let the rest of us know what your deskercises will be today
  • doubleplay549
    doubleplay549 Posts: 8 Member
    Hey all you desk jockies! Todays deskercise challenge for me is 20 pushups every hour. What is your days challenge to keep fit while sitting at your desk?
  • busyPK
    busyPK Posts: 3,788 Member
    I'm at a desk for 8ish hours per day as well. I try and get up every hour for a walk around the small office building I work in and sneak away outside for a 10 minute walk twice a day. Like others mentioned, I work extra hard after work to get my 10k+ steps in a day.
  • AgileK9
    AgileK9 Posts: 257 Member
    I'm going to do a lap around the building every hour today.
  • Cyncia85
    Cyncia85 Posts: 11 Member
    I'm a desk jockey too with a long commute. Feel free to add me. I'm looking for motivation and accountability.
  • Sheluvsbread2much
    Sheluvsbread2much Posts: 85 Member
    I, too, work at a desk. What I've been doing for the past 6 weeks is to go down and back up the stairs (2 flights) after I go to the bathroom. I also go for a walk after I have lunch. I make a conscious effort to move more while in the office. If I put the kettle on for tea, I take my teabag to my desk and come back, then I take my spoon, etc. I believe it has helped. I should try and do some squats or planks or something like other posters have mentioned.
  • Jeeplet18
    Jeeplet18 Posts: 57 Member
    Oh - add me!!! I work as a dispatcher sitting 9 hours solid in front of 3 computer screens 5 days a week!!
  • Live0rDieTrying
    Live0rDieTrying Posts: 16 Member
    Desk jockey here - ad designer for a small marketing firm, 95% on the computer throughout the day. I get in on average about 8k steps a day now and sticking with getting more activity in! Also have lots of wt to lose. Feel free to add me :smile:
  • rdl81
    rdl81 Posts: 220 Member
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    this guy has some desk chair workouts you all might find interesting

    I think I will stick to the gym in my break......people think I am strange enough already
  • cdmjones17
    cdmjones17 Posts: 7 Member
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    I sit at my desk for the most part as well. But I make up for by walking on my 15 mins breaks, twice a day. But then i get it in in the gym too, at least try to double the cardio that I have done by that point in the day.

    Add me if you want to. Each one, Teach one.
  • rodmelching
    rodmelching Posts: 69 Member
    Desk jockey here too .. engineering project manager (blah, blah, blah, LOL) average over 10k steps a day though. Sounds very challenging .. 180 pushups .. the laughing / mocking coworkers might be more challenging. Add me as a friend if you'd like.
  • ltlsnbl75
    ltlsnbl75 Posts: 38 Member
    How are my fellow desk jockies doing this week?