What is your favorite leggings for working out?

Just doing a poll, what is your favorite leggings for working out. Mine are always the Nike ones, They just feel best on my body I can't explain why. What's yours? Also - Hi! I'm new here:)


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    I love RBX brand. Thin enough but thick enough to not be See through:) lots of cute patterns!
  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
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    The higher end Champions from Target. The lower end ones are too thin.
  • tomorrowperfume
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    My UnderArmour ones are great. Enough compression to quell that thigh jiggle, cool enough with their fancy sweat-wicking fabric, and the material is thick enough to hide any sweat patches by the end of the workout. Not much more expensive than the crappy Victoria Sport ones I had been using before.
  • doittoitgirl
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    I love my Under Armour leggings. I've tried Old Navy and they always fall down once I start actually exercising. I've tried Nike but half the time they don't fit my short frame and if they do they are see through when I bend over.
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    Fabletics is my general go-to. Affordable and they hold shape and color well with lots of washings. I also like Vimmia leggings for yoga, great compression without being restrictive and alo goddess leggings (both on sale only). :smiley:

    Werkshop is a great local (SoCal) brand as is Root (NorCal) roottoriseofficial.com
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    Calia by Carrie Underwood!
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    Lorna Jane.
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    I love Under Armor tops, but their leggings just don’t seem to fit me right. My old Athleta ones have held up for YEARS, although I’ve heard their new super-soft yoga fabrics pill like crazy. Lululemon fits and moves beautifully, but I’ve had issues with some of their designs (no side pockets, no internal drawstring, using thread that pills on otherwise perfect fabric).

    Since I started losing weight I’ve been cycling through Victoria Sport ones until I have a consistent size again—some of those are better than others. I just ordered some Nikes and am ridiculously excited to try them out, and now I’m also bookmarking this thread. ;)
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    Old Navy makes amazing compression leggings. Not see-through and hold you on for running. They feel super secure and are cute too!
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    My favorites are Pearl Izumi, Athleta, and some off brand called Kyodan I always find in TJ Maxx
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    Victoria Sport, Bench, Old Navy.
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    I love the Victoria Secret ones because they have a deep pocket on the side of your leg perfect for holding your phone. They are super supportive too!
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    I actually favor Gym Shark Seamless..and for the “cheaper” end 90 Degree Reflex.
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    I'm the queen of trying different leggings. I hate compression leggings . I hate see through leggings. I give away more leggings than I keep because I'm so fussy about them.
    I'm still on my quest to find the perfect pair.

    I tried grrl leggings and hated them. See through and cheaply made.
    I wear Victoria secret leggings in the house but not to workout in. See through but comfy.
    I am currently wearing UA leggings for the gym.
    I hate athleta because they pill easily. Not see through though.
    I like Marika yoga pants but haven't tried their leggings.
    I have a few old Navy leggings that are decent. I don't like really tight compression clothes so it's hard for me to find something that isn't see through but isn't very tight and thick either.
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    I’m currently all about Soybu because most styles have leg pockets large enough for my phone, they are comfy, and they aren’t see through. I also like Adidas, New Balance, North Face, and the thicker ones from Fila (the thinner ones aren’t totally opaque). Adidas has the most comfortable wide waistbands I’ve found if you have a thicker waist.