Stepped on scale for 1st time in 2 years.

Denial. It's a girl's best friend! I finally got on the scale after 2 years as I'm starting my weight loss/healthy lifestyle (again). I wanted to know my starting point so I knew when the small successes happen. The weight was what I thought it would be as it has remained unchanged (according to the scale) since I had heart surgrey 2 years ago. I don't know when I'll step in the scale again, but rather use my energy level and how my clothes fit as my gauge.

Anyone else have the love/hate relationship with the scale?


  • gamerbabe14
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    It's a tool I use that is important but it's not the only tool. If I don't use that tool, I have others I can use but I like to get as much data I can. Happy Scale for iOS is great at trending my weight too so I don't freak out over fluctuations.
  • I just posted a similar post but i have not gotten on it yet!! Congrats on your first step!!