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Obese, starting to exercise but in so much pain

Over the past couple of weeks I have been walking multiple miles per day and often doing zumba daily. I am obese and trying to lose weight. My body HURTS very bad, beyond just being sore. It is especially hard on my knees. Even when I am resting my knees are hurting. I never had pain before starting to exercise. Am I overdoing it? Should I focus on healthier diet and put off starting an exercise routine for now? I know I will be told talk to my doctor, but I just changed insurance and dont have a new doctor yet so that's not realistic for me yet. What should I do?


  • doittoitgirl
    doittoitgirl Posts: 157 Member
    I'm in the exact same spot as you are in now. I have been very sedentary for the past 8 mos (lots of sitting for classes and studying) and am trying to exercise again. I. Hurt. Everywhere. Turns out I was trying to jump back in at the level I was at a couple years ago. I've learned my lesson and realized that I have to be a little more patient and start out slow. First it was 15 min walking/biking/lifting. Did that for about a week and increased it to 20 min. Next week I'll try 25 min. And so on and so forth. If I need to stay at a level for an extra week, no biggie. I'd rather take it slow than get an injury or be in agonizing pain constantly. It can be hard to give yourself some time/slack. But it's worth it when you really start killin' your routine rather than it killing you!
  • neugebauer52
    neugebauer52 Posts: 1,120 Member
    I have to lose about 160 pounds and my knees don't like exercise. But water aerobics helps tremendously. I do an hour workout in the pool - we have an instructor there who puts us through our paces. It looks so easy but after an hour we can feel it in our muscles.
  • Fuzzipeg
    Fuzzipeg Posts: 2,301 Member
    Op, having a wake up call is overwhelming. I applaud your efforts. I'm sorry your 5K will be out of the question for this year, next could be a good goal. Its so easy to be carried on your enthusiasm, many of us have done it. Please when you restart an exercise plan remember to have rest days, these are days when your body recovers and prepares for more of the same.

    In the mean time don't give up entirely. You can work on your posture, simple things like sitting up rather than slouching, standing rather than sitting take more caloies. Please take it gently. As others above have said aqua-ariobics can be really beneficial, please remember rest days.
  • lucerorojo
    lucerorojo Posts: 790 Member
    Thanks I appreciate all replies!!! It is so upsetting and disappointing to realize I have let my body get to the point that I cant even exercise like I would like to! I have such bad knee pain lately, I was thinking of doing a 5K in June. I will hold off for now and try to focus on a better diet. I am starting out at 407lb

    One of my main motivations for losing weight was to be able to move and do activity that I used to do and that I wanted to do (but couldn't at 237 lbs.) Visualize in your mind yourself being lighter and doing the activity that you want to do. This can be great inspiration if you look at it that way instead of beating yourself up for getting to this point.

  • Lounmoun
    Lounmoun Posts: 8,423 Member
    Start off slower with exercise. Your body isn't ready for miles of walking and zumba classes just starting out. That doesn't mean you can't do anything at all.
    When I started and was obese I had to do seated workouts for awhile. There are seated workout videos on you tube for obese, injured or elderly people.
    When I started walking more I had to increase my step count gradually over weeks and months. I needed better shoes too.

    Watch your calorie intake.
  • bedwellchris
    bedwellchris Posts: 57 Member
    Zumba hurts my knees also! Walk daily and measure your meal portions. You'll feel better and lose weight.