How is watching MFP videos of fatting recipes good for weight loss

I was in the community forum and MFP has a video up of recipes. I am watching as they add 8 oz of cream cheese, a whole stick of butter a cup of mini chocolate chips and 2.5 tablespoons of vanilla and a pinch of salt blend it all up and show it being dipped with crackers. Humm.... that recipe has enough fat in it to blow your diet for a month. Love Cream Cheese and love butter but no way am I eating that and still losing weight. Ya think the might want to put some healthy recipies on there for the folks on her that are serious about losing weight. LOL -43 pounds and working on more. Oh I get it those are what you should not eat recipes LOL



  • Lounmoun
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    I think those videos are ads... not from MFP.
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    <====== almost just touched.... ohh I mean it sounds BAADDD!! REAL BAD! LOL Bad Psychod787... BAD psychod787..... I had to swat my own nose with a rolled up newspaper! See what you did!
  • NovusDies
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    You'd be surprised what you can fit into a diet. In the last 3 days I have had sweet and sour chicken (fried), a 7 topping pizza, potato chips, and a candy bar. It all fit in my calorie budget with no problems.
  • doittoitgirl
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    So don't make it. Lots of people manage to fit indulgences into their calorie plan and lose weight. It doesn't have to be ALL kale smoothies and salad and poached chicken with broccoli.
  • jennifer_417
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    I have eaten that, also pizza, burgers, fries, wings, fried chicken, and a whole host of other foods, and still lost weight.