Yoga mat recommendations?

Hey all, can anyone recommend a good/affordable yoga mat? I got one a couple years ago and have never really liked it because it seems to slide all over the place, and anyway, I've decided it's time to treat myself to a new one lol

Any input would be helpful! Thanks :smile:


  • VUA21
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    I have one from Target that costed $10 and works great. Not sure what brand it is.
  • snemberton
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    I got one at Academy Sports for $24, plus the strap for $5. It's got a fun design on it, is just about right squish, and grips well. It's whatever the store brand at Academy is.
  • skinnyrev2b
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    I started with an Opti mat from Argos (£15), but since I've been practising for 6months now, I decided to 'graduate' to a Yogibare mat. It's not cheap, but it is longer and wider than standard mats, is super grippy and got just enough padding. It is weighty though, and picks up body grease marks really easily (gross, but cleans up well).
  • ghreinesueter
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    I usually get Gaiam from Marshall's or TJ Maxx (anywhere from $8 to $15). They don't slide and are cute, but they will flake after a while. I think that's just par for the course though.
  • Davidsdottir
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    I use a yoga towel on top of my regular mat. It's the only thing that doesn't cause me to slip because I sweat A LOT!
  • pomegranatecloud
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  • acheben
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    I really like my Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat. It's thin so it doesn't negatively impact my balance and it feels really grippy so I don't slip. It is a little pricey, but I would buy it again.

  • DamienAngelica
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    I use a cork mat from Yoloha and love it, but before that I used a Gaiam mat, which was only about $25.
  • KayMix127
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    Thanks for all the suggestions!!
  • JammyTartlet
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    I use a sleeping roll I picked up from Lidl for a fiver.