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Beginning anew - so many successes this spring

I am a single mama. I haven’t had time for myself, and when I did have personal time, I spent it resting, eating, drinking with friends...

This spring I have had a number of successes. I bought my ex out of our house last fall and I just managed to refinance! I paid off all my short term debt this month. I fixed some important things around the house. I met someone healthy, smart and kind who loves me as I am. I feel filled with gratitude and love, and finally motivated to improve myself in this way.

My goal right now is to lose 20 pounds. I have at least fifty ultimately, but I want to do it in increments. I plan to eat low grain, low dairy, high veggie and good meats. Start the day with lemon water for hydration, a bullet proof coffee and an organic protein shake mid morning when I get hungry. A big salad for lunch and whatever I feel like having for dinner. No thank you to dessert and no night munching. Just a few drinks per week.

Here we go!


  • lilyreallywill
    lilyreallywill Posts: 14 Member
    Forgot to mention that I’m joining a gym next week! They’re running a promotion for $40 and no start up fee. Not too shabby. Xoxo
  • Clobern80
    Clobern80 Posts: 714 Member
    Best of luck to you! Hopefully you can keep up the motivation, just don't let it get you down when life happens. Just keep moving forward.
  • realsammysalamander
    realsammysalamander Posts: 49 Member
    Way to go, you are making great strides. Feel free to add me as a friend!