4 Kidney stones and one Diabetes 2 diagnosis later...

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I’m not proud of it! A month and a half ago I found out I had some pretty sizeable kidney stones and required surgery, my doctor sent me to get some lab tests done and it turned out my cholesterol and glucose levels were off the charts.
I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle, I’m an artist so I spend a long time in front of a computer and I also suffer from depression. The past year was very challenging and while I know I have nobody to blame but myself I decided to take this super *kitten* wake up call very seriously and get back on the fitness train I fell out of several years ago. I’m only 30 ffs, I can get my life and my health back on track.
So far I’ve lost 27 pounds and I’m working for 40 to 60 more. Today I was able to jog for a little over a minute intervals on the treadmill. Baby steps.

I decided to join the community to make friends, encourage each other and keep myself accountable. Hi!


  • CoreyDBurns
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    Hello zmbrlla, as someone who went through roughly the same situation (30 years old, Computer work all day, type 2 diagnoses) congrats on the progress so far and good luck moving forward. Your story shows inspiration to others.
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    Nice work! Keep at it. On the days where you feel challenged, focus consciously on thinking about your goal and how good you will feel when you hit it and how much you want to avoid further health issues.

    You got this!
  • zmbrlla
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    Thanks guys! I’d be lying if I said it didnt scare the heck out of me but it turns out fear is a pretty good motivator to get my butt moving.
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    Now is a good time to think about your health. I took my good health for granted when I was young but I'm here to tell you that taking steps NOW to stave off diabetes and high blood pressure and whatever else is headed your way is always a good idea. I took my health for granted till my early 50's even while a parent and sibling became Type 2 diabetics. It took a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, joint issues and stubborn skin rashes to get me to finally overhaul my lifestyle for the better. I chose to take full responsibility for my health. My big regret is not doing it sooner. You are so right, fear is a great motivator. (There's lots of groups here for pretty much any health topic, and they are great ways to meet others with the same issues.)
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    zmbrlla wrote: »
    Thanks guys! I’d be lying if I said it didnt scare the heck out of me but it turns out fear is a pretty good motivator to get my butt moving.


    My name is Jo and I had a similar wakeup call back in November of last year! I knew six months prior that I wasn't doing well (I have a long family history of Type 2 Diabetes, so I knew all the signs), I just wasn't ready to hear the truth or to do anything about it! All within the following three weeks I cut out a majority of sugar out of my diet, cut out drinking juice/pop (especially juice - because it was a SERIOUS problem for me) and quit smoking! I was tired of being tired and just existing. I know I was living life on the sidelines because of my own lack of energy, confidence and other insecurities. It's not all fixed (still have the diabetes although I've greatly improved my numbers), but the progress I've made is something I'm proud of.

    I'd love to add another friend, I enjoy supporting others in their changes. It also helps to have someone/others to keep you accountable.

    I've sent an invite!
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    Thanks for your responses and messages everyone! I had a couple of really tough days after my diagnosis, while I know that my lifestyle is not the healthiest, my dad’s side of the family has a history of heart conditions, diabetes and obesity, I always believed I was more on the average side so finding out I have type 2 at 20 felt like a huge blow. But ever since I started changing my eating habits and working out I’ve felt so much better and optimistic. Some days I’m afraid that I’m going to have another depressive episode soon and my hard work will be for nothing. But I dont want to think about that and just focus on all the old clothes ill finally be able to fit into again!