Need advice on logging a retuarant's food

There is a restaurant called Wings N Rice near me. My brother got it last night and it looked really good! I decided to save some calories and get it one day this week so I went to try to find out how many calories it would cost me. I can't find calorie information anywhere for them. It's basically fried rice and your choice of flavored boneless wings. I was thinking of using Buffalo Wild Wings calorie count for wings and maybe Panda Express for the fried rice. Anyone have any better advice??


  • apullum
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    This sounds like a reasonable plan. With restaurant food, you just have to do the best you can, which generally means being honest with yourself about which entries in the database are closest to the thing you ate. If you have to estimate on restaurant food, estimate high.
  • no1racefan1
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    This is what I usually do. We don't have many chain restaurants, so when we go to a local restaurant I try to pick dishes from chain restaurants in MFP that I think would be comparable. If there are several different options for something like a Caesar side salad, I usually pick one on the higher end to hopefully not underestimate.
  • leslienicole318
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    Thanks for the advice! I'll just use the highest entries I can for fried rice using panda express and the highest wing entry for the wings using buffalo wild wings. I would rather over estimate than under estimate!!