My fit bit versa is working great but My fitness pal is not counting my steps!

lisaab27 Posts: 56 Member
Just got the new versa and it seems to be working great it’s counting all my steps. However my fitness pal is not recording my credit for my exercise done. It just says “zero”. It’s very frustrating to me. I did 36,000 steps yesterday so I go well over my calorie requirements so that’s not the excuse. I tried syncing my fitness pal and it didn’t do anything. I turned off my phone and rebooted it I went to fit it support and they rebooted my fit bit nothing has worked what do you people have to suggest for me to do?


  • DonDon919
    DonDon919 Posts: 4 Member
    Same here, if you get any info please pass it along. Thanks
  • Debgreasby2018
    Debgreasby2018 Posts: 30 Member
    Fitbit seems to do this at weekends lately! Be patient and it usually catches up.