Is one squat movement enough ?

On my quad day I do back squat and a hack squat type movement

Is one back squat enough and then did leg press.


  • Chieflrg
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    One squat? No

    One movement would depend on how much of that movement and your prior training if any.

    Might want to state your goals and background experience and you can probably get the advice you seek.
  • giantrobot_powerlifting
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    If you want to build size of your quads and not a movement, do belt squats or bodybuilder style smith machine squats with partial ROM under constant tension. Or do both. High reps for a mega pump brah.
  • AnvilHead
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    Enough for what?
  • moogie_fit
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    You need to post goals, reps, sets etc.

    If your doing full body workouts 3 x per week and doing the two movements 3 to 5 sets of 5 to 15 reps may be enough. If your doing 1 or 2 leg days a week and the two movements 3 to 5 sets of 5 to 15 reps may not be
  • jessef593
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    I only squat and conventional deadlift for my legs movements. I dont have massive legs by any definition but they are well developed, along with my glutes. Keep in mine though that 4/5 working days includes 1 of those movements.

    It will depend on volume, intensity, and consistency.
  • peaceout_aly
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    It depends what your goals are. I like to do squats every leg day (which is every other day) - but I alternate between building up to a PR (on heavy leg day) and doing a manageable rep weight (135 for 10-12, working up to 185 for 10) on power leg day. I also do sumo squats with a dumbbell, varied leg press circuits, etc. It really depends what your goals are. Are you trying to grow? Maintain? Appear more lean? Build strength? They all require different programming.
  • sardelsa
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    It depends on your goals. Would it be enough for me, probably. I typically only do one main squat movement per week (but on my other days I do other quad dominant exercises like lunges, step-ups, etc) and this is enough for my goals because I try to limit excess quad stuff. But for you, maybe not. It depends on your goals and overall volume for the week.
  • sgt1372
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    My lifting goal, which I reached long ago, was to achieve a higher than average level of strength and fitness for someone my age/weight.

    I use(d) the Strength Level database and Killustrated Charts to measure this.

    I am now at a maintenance level in terms of my weight and strength/fitness.

    Until 3 months ago, I just did back squats and deadlifts for my lower body and just BP, OHP, pullups, pushups and dips for my upper body.

    Currently, all I am doing is rowing 10k meters a day in an hr a day to maintain my weight and strength/fitness.

    Got burned out lifting and started to dred it but will probably go back to doing my basic lifting routine shortly.
  • pinggolfer96
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    Depends on the volume. I can get in an insane leg workout with the squat rack just varying rep ranges, sets, weights, foot alignment....etc.

    No offense to @giantrobot_powerlifting but I wouldn’t chase “the pump” or do smith machine squats due to the fact they place you in a fixated range of motion, the back squat is safer, but it too puts you on a fixed plane. And the “pump” doesn’t mean more gains. I’ve done a strength workout with low reps/ heavy weight/ mod sets and little to no pump and I’ve had the best results of my life from that program.
  • CowboySar
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    I am following PHAT so I am 2x a week on legs.

    Power days (Mondays)
    Squats 3x3-5
    Hack squats 2x3-5
    Leg Ext 2x6-10
    SLDL 3X3-8
    Lying leg curls 2x6-10
    Standing calf raise 3x6-10
    Seated calf raise 2x6-10

    Hypertrophy days (Thursday)
    Squats 6x3 @70%
    Hack squats 3x8-12 @70%
    Leg press 2x12-15
    Leg Ext 3x15-20
    RDL 3X8-12
    Lying leg curls 2x12-15
    Seated leg curls 2x15-20
    Standing calf raises 4x10-15
    Seated calf raises 3x15-20

    And if I am feeling it I will also do standard DLS on both upper power and upper hypertrophy days as well.

    Its a lot but it is in line with my goals.