Meal Ideas for Lunch

Any meal ideas for lunch. I want to get lean and not burn to much muscle. Any healthy quick lunches I can take to work?


  • Leannep2201
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    I usually take one of the following:

    - Leftovers from dinner
    - Sandwich with a good protein source
    - Crackers, cheese and fruit
    - Tuna pouch and greet yoghurt
    - Soup and toast
    - Salad with a good protein source.

  • k8eekins
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    diontre840 wrote: »
    Any meal ideas for lunch. I want to get lean and not burn to much muscle. Any healthy quick lunches I can take to work?

    You may consider workplace friendly lunch salads, sandwiches and wraps with the following ingredients.
    • Quinoa
    • Chicken
    • Turkey
    • Eggs
    • Greek yoghurt

    Hopefully, you'll be open to the idea of developing at least 3 drinks, from your flavour profile favourites , which you can freeze
    overnight, to enjoy as a refreshing sloshy iced drink at work, for that needed boost.
  • CarrieAnnH14
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    I make a variety of wraps using LaBanderita carb counter wraps. I usually use whatever leftover meat from the night before , throw on salad veggies and a laughing cow heese wedge. Then I top with either light myo and mustard....or a low cal dressing.
  • ramakrishnanpravin73
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    I would suggest
    Greek Yogurt
    Apple With Nut Butter
    Veggies With Hummus
    Roasted Chickpeas
  • kayten76
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    Roast chicken with no skin, mashed avocado and some hot sauce worked great for me. Add tomatoes or cucumber as well if you fancy.
  • Lounmoun
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    Sandwich, dinner leftovers, salads
    Hard boiled eggs, hummus, cheese, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, yogurt, granola bar, protein bar, muffin, cooked meats, rice ball, tuna
  • saires_au
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    I’ve been making Stirfrys to take to work. I’ve found Stirfry shots in Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese flavours and change these and the meat and veg up for variety. I usually make 2 serves and sometimes add a single serve packet of ramen or rice between the 2 serves if I want carbs.

    I cook an extra serve of some dinner meals to take as leftovers. I also enjoy soup with a couple of hard boiled eggs on the side. Salad with some lean meat or eggs. Cold frittata.
  • buffinlovin
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    I like to prep my lunches in advance so I can just reach in my fridge and grab it in the morning. I make mon-wed lunches on sundays, and thurs-fri lunches on wed night. I Use a sous vide machine for easy prep now, but I used to just pan sear on the stove top.

    for protein I use:
    -Chicken breast (tenders-1 for me 2 for my fiance, or if I use a whole breast I'll cut it in half or thirds depending on how big it is)
    -Chicken Thighs (I put one in my lunch, and two in my fiances)
    -Boneless Pork Chop (one for me, two for my fiance)
    -marinated pork loin (I try and cut thinner slices so I can get 4-5 meals out of one small loin)
    -thin beef steak (my grocery sells family packs where you get this small, thin beef steak, about 9 in a package-about 3-5 oz a piece, when I cook them I'll take the smaller one and give the larger to the mister)

    For sides I prefer veggies, but have used rice or mashed potatoes occasionally. I will usually take a steamfresh veggie side (or the store brand equivalent) and divide it between two lunches.

    Price wise, I think it's very cost efficient for me. A pack of 12 chicken tenders/9 chicken thighs is usually around $7, and steamfresh veggies are 2 for $5, or the store brand are 2 for $3. The other proteins I wait until they are on sale to something similar in cost.

    I eat a cottage cheese cup for breakfast (I think it's called Good life, it's got fruit on the bottom, about 120 calories), My lunch is protein/veg (I aim for about 200-300 calories), and for snacks I have yogurt (170 calories), cheese (60 calories), and 2 Lindor Truffles (I buy the bag at costco, 2 truffles is 160 calories). rough estimate my food for the day while at work comes out to about 800 calories (I don't track my diary at the moment, but I don't deviate from this menu plan during the week).
  • BlessedMom70
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    Veggie wrap:
    Ole high fiber tortilla spread with 1-2 tbsp hummus, add diced celery, sliced cucumber, thinly sliced carrots, sliced avocado, and add some tuna or cooked chicken for protein. Roll up..fruit on the side. Yummy!
  • From9five
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    Steak and rice. Chicken and potatoes. tuna sandwich. Or any of these meats in a wrap. Add veggies on the side(spinach, carrots, peppers, etc.) If your looking for something quick throw some milk, protein, fruit, oats, and greek yogurt in a blender for an easy shake. Stuff like that is pretty satisfying and easy to portion for both cutting and bulking