Travels for work

I live in a hotel every other week for 7 days, traveling for work, any suggestions for food with a mini fridge and a microwave as my only kitchen, or friendly fast food??? I would like to stick to low carb, low calorie, thanks for suggestions!


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    I lived in a hotel for a couple months this spring. You can microwave scrambled eggs in a double-upped paper bowl, heat for a minute, then stir, repeat until they’re cooked to your liking. Stir in your favorite cheese or leftover meat or veggies if you want. You can use a reusable bowl but cleanup is easier with paper.

    If you eat out for dinner, plan on leftovers to use for lunch the next day. Order a larger steak (cut it at the restaurant if you don’t have a good knife in your room), or an extra chicken breast or fish filet to go. You could add it to a bagged salad for an easy lunch.

    A packet of tuna or salmon or chicken and a mayo packet makes for a quick meal, add in some spices or relish if you have them. They’re easy to pack and carry from home, too, and you can make it and eat it out of the tuna packet if you don’t want to have dishes to clean.

    I bring along a small food scale, a spoon, a backpacking spork (LiteMyFire is my favorite), a covered bowl that is microwaveable and collapsible that I bring to restaurants for leftovers, and if I’m not flying I’ll bring a good cutting knife and a small flexible cutting board too.

    Grocery delivery might be a big help— you could call your hotel ahead of time and see if they know of a service locally, or see if InstaCart or another national chain is in that area. Plan ahead for one delivery to last the week to save on the fees.
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    Grocery shop! Plan a week of meals so you know exactly how much to buy. Ask the hotel for a shuttle to the nearest store. Or grab a cab. I used to only have a mini fridge and I kept plenty of food in it. 7 days, 3 meals a day, that's 21 meals. Buy things that you can easily mix and match. Also get some small tuppeware for cooking in.

    1 pack low carb tortillas
    12 eggs (good for any meal!)
    1 packet of precooked chicken sausage (use for lunches and dinners)
    potatoes (for microwaving)
    bag of spinach
    small head of broccoli
    bag of shredded cheese

    meal ideas using the above
    scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese, yogurt
    sausage, potato, cheese and broccoli
    avocado and egg wrap
    cheese quesadillas
    fruit and yogurt
    eggs and potato with avocado
    sausage, cheese and spinach wrap

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    I travel like this for work too. Best things I ever did was buy one of those "nutribullet" style compact blenders. I make green smoothies for breakfast, cook veg in the microwave then blend to make soup, throw some herbs in, options are only limited by your imagination