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Hi there!
Looking for some inspiration and success stories from 5’1 to 5’2 females. Unfortunately I’m starting at 160 lbs and would like to get down to ~120. I know there’s no quick fix, but other stories, tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated! Also would love to team up with you if you’re in the same boat to keep each other accountable and motivated.


  • sharunza
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    I am smaller than you at 4’11”. I’m about 5 pounds away from my goal. I can’t eat a huge deficit, so here are some extra things I do. Some of is harder than others:

    No liquid calories/no alcohol

    No snacks between meals, or one small snack

    No added sugar

    Working out regularly

    Working to increase my non-exercise calorie burn: walking to from the store, taking stairs, deliberately taking more than one trip to put laundry away, etc.
  • Ktmom19
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    I'm 5' 1/2", funny how that half inch really matters when you are short :) . I have lost weight multiple times before and usually do not have trouble actually losing weight. Calories in calories out. Just as others have said log your food accurately, exercise is great, and do not pass your daily caloric limit. For me the hardest part is always keeping it off. I too am starting at 160 with a goal of 115. I'm one week in and 3 lbs down so far.
  • Nbaker0909
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    One tip I have is to log your food the night before whenever possible. I find it much easier to stay on track during a busy workweek if I’ve already planned and tracked my meals/snacks for the day. It doesn’t mean I can’t change my plan and eat something else- but it really helps with a hectic schedule
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    I’m closer to 5’ even tho for years I’ve said 5’2”. Ha! My sister always said she was 5’1” and I knew I was taller than her. Little did I realize she was a fibber just like me! 😂. I was 175 lbs 3 weeks ago. Spent 11 days visiting family in Great Britain and I was down to 169 when I got home. I think all the walking (grrr) and stairs (most every restaurant has the restroom downstairs) and the smaller non supersized meals really helped. I ate good over there. Meals usually had lots of carbs and sweets. But still I was down when I got home. Been home a week and I’m still in the 160’s. I’m so happy about that and don’t want to click over to the 170’s again. I’m very close, tho, so I’d better be careful. My steps have gone way down since I got home and no longer site seeing. I want to work on getting those back up. Thanks for starting up this group!
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    I am 5'1" - Started at 188, I am currently down almost 30 pounds! I am at 158.8. Looking to get to 130. Walking 3-5 miles daily has really helped me.
  • BattyKnitter
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    I'm 5'2" and I started at 191, currently down to 158 ( a little over halfway), my goal for now is 130 and will re-evaluate with how I look in the mirror once I reach 130. Feel free to add me as a friend :)

    Though I am close to your starting weight I fell SO much better! Eating better and working out makes a huge difference!

    What really helps me is logging my food for the next day the night before. I meal plan/meal prep and eat basically the same food all week so it makes logging really easy for me. Also using a food scale and weighing everything!

    Another tip is to find a workout/activity you enjoy! I started off doing Beachbody workouts that I did enjoy but I found I always REALLY looked forward to the yoga days! So lately I've just been doing yoga every day.
  • BrunetteRunner87
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    I am 5' 1" and I struggled with weight for a long time. My tip, which I guess goes for anyone of any height, is that while it's really fun to lose weight quickly, the faster you lose, the easier it is to gain it back. I used to be a yo-yo, losing tons of weight quickly and then I couldn't sustain it so I gained it back. I have been able to keep it off by using a mentality that I eat as much as possible while still losing fat and gaining a little muscle. It's a very delicate balance and slow process, but it's worked.
  • Nickel1969
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    Hi, 5' 1/4" and 198.5lbs, been struggling with my weight for a while now. My goal is 118, at my heaviest I was 218.6 that was April 2018, which means I've hit the 20 lbs mark. Still finding it hard to keep inspired, weekends are the hardest. My tip: is to log everything, drink lots of water and exercise. Currently I workout at least 5 days a week, walking mostly and every other day is at the gym using light weights. Still got a long way to go, but this time I'm determined to get there...
  • peaceout_aly
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    I'm a little shorter at 4'11". Biggest tip is stay dedicated and integrate weight lifting into your routine, not just cardio.
  • ChelleTrell
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    So nice to meet some shorties on here! Send me your friend requests I am active on here everyday. I’m 5’1” currently 133lbs my goal is 110lbs and I eat 1350 calories a day. Planning and pre-logging food really helps me. With such a small calorie goal having 1 unintended snack can easily put you over your target. So if I do eat something I didn’t plan to then I can adjust the quantities for the rest of the day to make sure I hit goal.
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    5'3" here! highest weight was 162lbs. When I realized that I was having difficulty and pain with just walking, I was over it. Currently 144lbs with another 10lbs to go! Just take it slow. I do minimal exercise and primarily focus on diet. Once I hit that goal, then I will attempt to get a workout schedule going but for now, thats enough for me.
  • Nikki_Lee12
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    I am 5'2 and 139 as of this morning. Started at 154 with a goal of 130. Running has honestly become an escape for me.. not only does it free up some calories but it also helps my mental health!
  • Kaittelaine
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    I'm 5 ft 2 and 11 st 9! Lost so much weight using this app before and back in the same boat again to some relationship weight gain😊
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    Just sent you a friend request. I’m 5 foot 1 as well and I’m aiming for anywhere between 110-120 (I’ll know better once I’m closer). I’m 171 now.