Pulmonary embolism - how to not lose my exercise habits?

A year ago, I underwent a double-bypass. I took it as the wake up call it was, lost weight (85 lbs as of this morning) through good ol' diet and exercise, and have been in maintenance for over 2 months. On the one-year anniversary of the surgery (last Wednesday), I went to the ER for chest pains. Heart was fine. Yesterday, 2 days later, I saw my primary doc, who diagnosed probable pulmonary embolism, based on blood worm, chest xray, and symptoms. Monday I'll have a CT to confirm or rule out the clot.
I've been started on meds to get a head start on the CT scan.

I'm going thru feelings of "what next?" And concerns of when I'll be able to be active again, go to the gym again, if I'll lose the good habits I've spent a year developing. I'm not in a great frame of mind right now. :/


  • L1zardQueen
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    Congrats on the weight loss! 85 pounds is no small feat. Dial in your calorie counting, you don't need to exercise to maintain your weight loss. Get back to your exercise when cleared by your doctor. Hugs
  • pinuplove
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    Sounds like you have a second second chance! Pulmonary embolism is no minor matter; you're a lucky man to be here and worrying about this. Just follow your doctor's orders, especially if you're in blood thinners, in regards to activity. Keep up the healthy eating, and try not to let it get you down :smile:
  • katphi1618
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    Can you ask your Dr to set you up with a physical therapist to assist you back to a healthy regimen? Doesn't seem like too much to ask.
  • 88olds
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    You need a workout place holder. Just my impression, they want patients up and moving pretty quick. Maybe look at Tai Chi. Yoga might be too much at first. Even walking can be a workout. Important thing is you be able to look yourself in the mirror and say you did a workout.

    6 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. If medicine hadn’t advanced in the last 25 years. I’d be dead. I count myself as nothing but lucky.

    I had a brief moment of “but I lost all that weight, and worked so hard.” But once the treatment started it was clear that I was much better off at 180 lbs than I would have been at 285lbs.

    What next? Maybe you saved your life with the work you’ve done.

    And when you get back to the gym, you are where you are the day you get there. If you find yourself working with 10s that used to be 20s, it’s just where you are. Work smart and enjoy the ride. Good luck.
  • rcreynol3090
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    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I slept better last night, and had a good discussion this morning with my wife, who has walked every step of this journey with me after the heart surgery. <3
    @L1zardQueen - calorie counting will not stop. I'm finding now that I'm getting full with calories still to eat many days.
    @pinuplove - so true about lucky! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket...
    @katphi1618 - good suggestion, but with my insurance, it would all go towards my high deductible, and I'm still making payments on last year's cardiac rehab sessions.
    @88olds - congrats on beating cancer! My wife suggested just the treadmill or stationary bike once cleared by my doctor, but slowly. Don't think I'll be back at 4.0 and 4% incline anytime soon...
    Considering that up until a year ago, I avoided gyms and most exercise like the plague, it's a major accomplishment that I'm even worrying about this.
  • Diatonic12
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    Swimming. Ask your doctor if swimming is right for you.
  • Teamleslie
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    Of course you can! We encourage a healthy lifestyle (im a nurse) Right NOW you need to rest until you get yiur results but most people with PEs do the same thing as long as you stay on your meds.

    My friend is 37, has a clotting disorder a clotting disorder, and has to use blood thinners...she does crossfit.

    Live your life!
  • try2again
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    My brother was diagnosed with a massive DVT and a PE this spring. I was shocked to hear that his doctor said he could exercise as much as he was comfortable with. I still doubt that meant he should have been out running within a couple of weeks, but that's what he attempted to do (wasn't too successful at first due to the pain & difficulty breathing). I wouldn't hold him out as an example to follow, but the takeaway could be you may not be nearly as limited as you think.

    But no sense jumping the gun... just wait for your scan and follow your Dr's instructions. Lots of people have to make accommodations in their health & fitness routines for a health situation at one time or another... just take it one day at a time :)
  • rcreynol3090
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    The plot thickens. CT scan showed no clot. I'll hopefully know more tomorrow.
  • try2again
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    The plot thickens. CT scan showed no clot. I'll hopefully know more tomorrow.

    That's curious... but at least you know your heart & lungs are clean! Hoping it's something totally benign :)
  • rcreynol3090
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    What i have found out so far:
    No clots in lungs or elsewhere.
    No pneumonia.
    No evidence of cancer.
    A bit of fluid around my heart
    The issue seems to be clearing up.

    I'll ease back into exercising, and keep on truckin!
  • L1zardQueen
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    Sounds like good news! Keep on truckin'!
  • Healthydiner65
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    Your question”what else” sounds like me after blood clot in leg, thyroid nodules, and spinal degeneration at age 66 but I keep on truckin because the alternative is unacceptable! I too am paying off medical bills probably until the day I return to my Savior and I’m not going there fat! 😂