I can't take failure again

Hi all. I am a 52 year old overweight woman that never looks in any mirror or window that will show my size.
I am begging for someone to be my buddy or let me join a group to help me try again. I lose 20 pounds then gain it back... over and over. Help.


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    What are you willing to give up? You need to make a lifestyle change.
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    Aww sorry to hear that! Feel free to add me, I am pretty active on the app and love to give positive encouragement.
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    I will suggest that you stop working yourself up, and stop trying. You have gained weight because you have eaten a little too much, for some time. To correct that, to lose weight, you just have to eat a little less - and move more, but basically just eat less, and that is something you do yourself. MFP gave you a calorie target to hit to lose weight healthily and effectively. If you stick to that, for real, and give it time, you will lose weight.
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    You can add me, I'm 58 and the struggle is real!
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    Biggest thing for me this time is that I am continuing to be active on mfp and tracking everything with a goal of losing zero pounds per week I have kept it off over 4 months now; actually drifted a little lower. Trying to wing it once I lost weight has been my undoing in the past.
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    Check out the Most Helpful Posts threads pinned to the top of each of the boards, there is lots of great info there to help make logging work for you.

    Try to focus on creating healthy habits by making small incremental changes, rather than "I'm going to wake up Monday morning and do everything different!". You don't have to lose weight quickly, completely change your diet, or live on a treadmill. And if you have a day that you fall off the wagon, don't beat yourself up or assume you've ruined everything. It's just one day, just get back on plan and keep going. I fell off my wagon all the time, but I picked a slow moving, low to the ground wagon that was easy to jump right back on :lol:

    Good luck!
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    I'm also 52.......had cancer last year and gained 40lbs on chemo while I was already trying to lose 20lbs. The hormone blocker I was on gave me such horrible joint pain that I could barely walk at work let alone exercise. I started making small changes to regain my health........no soda or sweet tea, no artificial sweeteners, more salads and fruits and veggies, started taking my lunch to work, drinking more water. I have my tea in the morning during my commute, still eat bread and refuse to give up Jif creamy peanut butter. So far, I'm down 18lbs.......losing about 2.5 pounds per month. If I have a bad day, I aim to do better the next day. If I know I'm eating out one day, I try to really be good earlier in the day. Finally, I'm off the hormone blocker and able to work out.......not breaking any records at the gym, mind you, but doing a little elliptical and walking on the treadmill. It's truly baby steps. Feel free to add me.......I'd love to swap successes (and failures--we all have bad days)!
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    First thing you need to do is speak positive! Yoj will not be a failure! You will get healthy and fit! Then boom you’re going to be so happy at the changes your body makes when you cut your calories! You will refuse to put anything nasty or too much of anything back in your body! You can do it!
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    I think you have to look at yourself. You can't avoid your own body. And instead of thinking of your body negatively when you look at yourself, try to concentrate on the positive changes you're going to be making to get your body to a shape and size you're satisfied with. You're not going on a diet, you're changing your lifestyle. Start small and slow, and cultivate patience. As you lose weight you'll notice your body is changing bit by bit. You'll feel sharp bits and knobbly bits and shrinkage. My motivator? I can cross my legs. I can see the veins in my hand. I can fit my fingers around my wrists. Last night I felt my ribs for the first time in twenty years. I'm wearing a skirt I haven't fit into since 2004. I can zip my Red or Dead killer heel boots over my calves. I love all the little changes that are taking place with my body. It's taking time and a gradual introduction of healthier foods and phasing out less healthy foods. I've a long way to go, but my journey is lifelong so I don't need to go all out on day one. Make little changes in the things you eat every day. And be patient. You will get there.
  • Awesome. I wish I could keep my weight at the same level for 3 months.

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    You can do it. Just takes perseverance. Set little goals. If you know you fall off the wagon just set some small goals to try to keep you on
  • I don't know how to add people....
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    click on their name here, then when you get the pop up thingie click their name to go to their profile and there is an add as a friend button there. (I'm on a desk top not the app I forget if the app is the same). Include a little message just to remind people where you "met" them and just a bit of an intro is nice. I advise against the messages like "I'm adding you because you're hot" or "do you have kik or snapchat" hahahah