Keto - Total loss of appetite



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    I felt this way when I was trying to stay in ketosis while breastfeeding. Food started to make me feel sick just looking at it, and I went a few days barely eating waiting for it to pass. I finally read somewhere that I was supposed to eat extra carbs while breastfeeding. So I went to 50g of carbs a day and felt way better. Maybe you need a little extra carbs as well?
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    ketosis kills your appetite. not only are you not hungry, the thought of eating or looking at food can feel revolting. so how you are feeling is actually normal and common. keep some ready to eat food in the fridge...a bowl of chicken or egg salad, boiled eggs, you can at least get some bites in of food every so often. that way, you are not forcing yourself to sit down to a meal that you can't even stand looking at.

    This doesn’t sound like a very positive testimonial toward keto at all. Between this and likely getting the keto flu - I’m not sure why anyone would ever want to undertake something that makes them feel like crap AND makes the thought of eating feel revolting.

    Agreed. If this happened to me there is no way I would still be on Keto. Thankfully I’m finding the opposite. Lost my sweet tooth but properly cooked meat is like nectar. :smiley: