My weight loss journey!

rastetter Posts: 3 Member
Thank you MyFitnessPal for helping me achieve what I thought was impossible..... changing my body to match the person I saw in my head!! For years my weight made me a miserable person. Couldn’t walk past a mirror without looking down. Couldn’t stand to see my pic cause I couldn’t believe it was me. Always conscious of my weight but no clue how to change it? I worked out and I’d get stronger but that’s about it. I’d diet trying this diet and that diet but nothing sustainable or at my best on a diet I’d lose 20 then come back with a vengeance gaining back 25.

It wasn’t until I learned how to use the app. When I plugged in my calories and macros that real change happened. After 4.5 months I was 70 lbs down. Now I’m using app to gain muscle and carve out the body that has been trapped in fat all these years. Less number on a scale now and more body composition.

People told me I couldn’t do it. I’m too old at 49 to have the body I wanted. Everybody had an opinion why I couldn’t do it. But I had a plan and the MyFitnessPal app. Like magic I changed quickly. And without much effort in the gym as I previously thought was needed!

I learned that I cannot out train a poor diet. Diet is key. The app take the mystery and the work out of it. Take the word diet and re think it. Cause you can eat!!

Losing weight was like a game using the app! It was fun!! So thank you!!! You have changed my life as well those around me because now I am a different person. The person that only existed in my mind is now coming to life. 💪



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