Favourite adult drinks for low calories

Right now my favourite is white wine around 100 calories or vodka with diet sprite!


  • nooshi713
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    Wine for me also. A couple of restaurants offer a "skinny margarita" for about 100-120 calories now. I order those too.
  • rsclause
    rsclause Posts: 3,103 Member
    Scotch on the rocks = zero carbs before dinner. Wine with dinner. I sure do miss my craft beer though. I couldn't fit six or seven beers a day on the weekends into my LCHF diet.
  • nowine4me
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    I had to lay off all booze to finally hit my goal. But on the rare occasions I drink, it’s a full bodied red wine.
  • FL_Hiker
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    200 calorie nigori sake, not that hard to fit in
  • karahm78
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    Malibu in Diet Coke, with lime slice
  • nic_27_grassisgreener
    nic_27_grassisgreener Posts: 198 Member
    Vodka mixed with crystal light, my favorite flavor is cherry pomegranate
  • SusannO
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    Mojito! I don't add the sugar and the only calories are the rum (64cal/oz), 0 carb, and it's still delicious.
  • katphi1618
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    My adult drinks are not low calorie but I'm ok with that. I love microbrew. :-D
  • yirara
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    Green tea. Hated it as a child. :D:D
  • dsboohead
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    nowine4me wrote: »
    I had to lay off all booze to finally hit my goal. But on the rare occasions I drink, it’s a full bodied red wine.

    Me too! I would rather eat than drink. Alcohol was in no way an aid for weight loss!
    1 drink....well okay but why? I drink for the high not the taste. I would want minimum 3 and then the munchies move into play......no thankyou!
  • paperpudding
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    Most spirits mixed with zero calorie mixer - eg diet coke - are not very high in calories.
  • Dakase83
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    Mojitos and Truly spiked and sparkling :drinker:
  • GeauxL
    GeauxL Posts: 55 Member
    Bourbon or Scotch & water
  • AHelash
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    Best Wine Cooler:
    White or red wine (1/3), diet 7-up (2/3) or sparking water, lemon and lime wedges squeezed and left in drink, stir in ice.
  • rsclause
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    GeauxL wrote: »
    Bourbon or Scotch & water

    They put water in when they make it :D
  • AlyssaPetsDogs
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    Vodka soda with lime! So so good!
  • jackimartin1973
    jackimartin1973 Posts: 10 Member
    Rum and lime sparkling water. Add some lime slices! Delish!
  • TonyB0588
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    Brandy / Cognac - whatever you care to call it.
  • MixedbarbieMOM1991
    MixedbarbieMOM1991 Posts: 43 Member
    I love beer but I see it will easily take up all my calories.
    I only drink a couple times a month but I'm going back to vodka straight.
  • swimmchick87
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    I often stick to vodka soda, since soda water has no calories. I definitely prefer something like sprite zero over the soda water, but I never drink at home and bars/restaurants never have sprite zero. If I'm at a wine place I'll go for prosecco, which is much lower calorie than most drinks.