First figure competition cut!

I’m posting but then might vanish from this community page! (It’s very glitchy off my iPad, platform of choice). Feel free to add me as a friend to watch me attempt my first official cut in prep for a stage debut for a figure competition, and I’m happy to take friends who have already made the journey and can help me along. It’s a lonely road among my personal friends so company is welcome.


  • Fitnessinyour40s
    Fitnessinyour40s Posts: 11 Member
    Good luck! Although I didn't compete in figure lol, I did compete in my first Physique competition 2 weeks ago! You can do it. My advice....
    Enjoy the journey and hire a posing coach. Remember the best thing you can wear on stage is a smile! Have fun!
  • Weights4me
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  • GiddyupTim
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    Wishing you good luck!
  • Keto_Vampire
    Keto_Vampire Posts: 1,679 Member
    You certainly have the conditioning for success in figure (re photos - sick back!). Good luck
  • LiftHeavyThings27105
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    Ashburn, VA? NICE! Salem, VA (well, in Winston-Salem, NC now....). I wish you all the fortune in the world.
  • Weights4me
    Weights4me Posts: 42 Member
    I should’ve posted in here a LONG time ago. Such diverse people with great regular feedback and support has come down the pipeline!!! 💕
  • sardelsa
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    Awesome! It takes a lot of guys and dedication to compete, good luck :)
  • JSUClay
    JSUClay Posts: 19 Member
    Awesome!! I haven’t made the journey of cutting for a comp, but would love to know the inside story, ups/downs, and how things progress!