Addicted to soft drinks

Makkar86 Posts: 112 Member
I am aware soft drinks are full of sugar but am kind of too much addicted to it
Any suggestions to get that reduced


  • RGv2
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    Switch to diet?
  • AnvilHead
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    Drink diet soda.
  • L1zardQueen
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    Try diet soda. Coke Zero is pretty darn good.
  • kommodevaran
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    Stop thinking about yourself as an addict and a helpless victim?
  • mara9999
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    Try diet soda. Coke Zero is pretty darn good.

    I agree! It's the best tasting diet cola and tastes the most like regular Coke to me. I also really like Diet Grapefruit sodas (Diet Squirt and generics) and Diet Mug Root Beer. As far as diet sodas go, they're pretty good! I've found for me that Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper have the aspartame aftertaste I don't really care for - I'm sure that depends on the person though. Good luck with trying to switch things up! What about sparkling waters by the way? I'm not a huge fan myself, but know many people who love them.
  • Barrera1010
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    Zevia dude
  • rheddmobile
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    For me what worked was just quitting cold turkey. I'm a diabetic and don't need the sugar, and I dislike the taste of diet. It took about two weeks for the cravings to subside. I drink iced tea when I want caffeine.
  • Makkar86
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    @mara9999 I like sparkling water btw but sometimes my emotions over take and end up drinking what's not good for health :)
  • Kohanai
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    I feel this, hard. Soda was one of my biggest vices. I just loved Coke and Dr. Pepper! So, I made a concerted effort to drink crystal lite and kool-aid (think the stuff that you drop into water, with no sugar) for like a month. And tons of tea, bc those headaches - ugh.

    After a while, I decided to try the different diet sodas out there, and found one I enjoy. Coke Zero became my go-to. But, because I spent all that time drinking Crystal Lite, tt stayed with me. So, now I drink less soda over all, and only sugar-free. It still isn't good for you, but 1 20 oz Coke Zero + 2 or 3 glasses of water w/ flavor + a tea or two + my latte a day is MUCH better than just a 2ltr of Coke a day.

    Moral - you just have to make it happen.
  • TeaBea
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    If you're a cola drinker, start with a diet beverage that's not cola. I drink diet A&W because of acid reflux, but I love it. After awhile you can go back to diet cola and it won't seem like such a huge change. You might also check out 10 calorie sodas (just a little sugar).

    There are sucralose and aspartame diet sodas. Try both.
  • elsie6hickman
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    Can you try some of the flavored sparking waters like Deer Park or La Croix? There are also some drops that you can buy to flavor plain or sparkling water that I understand are very good. I went off diet soda and switched to water years ago now. Sometimes I still miss the taste of Coke or Pepsi, but I won't take that sip, lest it addict me again.
  • Makkar86
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    @Kohanai thank u so much