Day 29 update "Snakes and Ladders " effect.

By Day 7 I had lost 3 pounds, at Day 14 I had gained 3 pounds, Day 21 I had lost 3 pounds, Good news Day 28 still the same 3 pound lighter , but most important i have not gained any weight. Just another 51 pounds to go. Good luck with your journeys.


  • 9DLSpades
    9DLSpades Posts: 14 Member
    Good Job. Keep it up!
  • hoffylobos
    hoffylobos Posts: 1 Member
    Are u following their calorie suggestion? It seemed high so I cut it by 20 percent. Still coming in under allowance each day and losing weight. Also are getting at least moderate exercise? Walking helped me.
    BOBHUNTER71 Posts: 16 Member
    1500 calories seems about right for me, it is the "Full English" breakfast that tends to put a spanner in the works. My wife said she will ween me off one item at each cooking. So end up with poached eggs on toast eventually.
  • elsie6hickman
    elsie6hickman Posts: 3,863 Member
    Good for you! Those fluctuations are killer, but we all go through them. I think it is so much easier when you have someone to help you wean off of foods. My husband and I are supporting each other with food and with exercise. He of course, if losing faster than me, but giving up things are harder for him, because he was always one of those people that could eat anything and not gain weight. Good luck with your journey and can't wait to read your success story.
  • buckeye213
    buckeye213 Posts: 49 Member
    Sometimes sodium or water can lead to up and downs I have the same issue