Heel/Tendon pain question!

Hey guys! My GoogleFu is failing tonight, maybe ya'll can help, and I hope it's cool if I ask for some advise. Feel free to tell me to shut it. Currently experiencing some super crappy pain in/on the back of one heel.

Self-diagnosing is failing lol... bone spur? achilles issues? plain old workout growing pains (I've been crossfitting since October, but this specific pain started when I started full time, so a couple months now)? I keep holding off seeing a doc for 2 main reasons: I don't see the tell-tale bump on the heel or along the tendon, and I feel exceedingly better after about 15 or 20 minutes of movement.

I'm trying to avoid seeing a doc, but should I just suck it up and go? If the answer is no, what other than walking often and calf raises can I do to help?


  • Machka9
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    If there's any chances it is achilles ... go to the Dr.

    Try to get in to see a Sports Dr if you can.
  • RunsWithBees
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    Of course you should see your doctor to have it checked out but it sounds like plantar fasciitis to me. One of the telltale signs is that it hurts when you first start out and feels better after a few minutes of movement. There’s different things you can try, icing, NSAID’s, heat, exercises, foam rolling, physical therapy, etc. Plantar fasciitis is notoriously difficult to treat and may reoccur indefinitely. It could be something else though, good luck!
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    I had the same issue, and here's how totally oblivious as to what was going-on with my health. Had knee replacement done by hacks who couldn't (meaning wouldn't) correct issues I'd had, so for years I walked with a bit of a limp, favoring that leg, and evidently effecting my stride and the way I landed on the other foot.

    I was having terrible pain, like you I thought it was a bone spur, at times didn't even want to walk. After months (told you I was out of touch) of dealing with it, I finally realized I had developed a thick/hard callous around the back edge of my heel. I started grinding it off every few days, and now I just "touch it up" about once a month, once I can feel it starting to harden again.

    I doubt anyone else is so out of touch with themselves as I was, but I'm just saying don't overlook the obvious.
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    If heel, probably PF. Stretch and/or shot will help.
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    Kohanai wrote: »
    I don't see the tell-tale bump on the heel or along the tendon, and I feel exceedingly better after about 15 or 20 minutes of movement.

    Inflammation, overuse, and bone spurs all usually hurt more with movement, while degeneration hurts less. Achilles and arch degeneration usually is from insufficient movement, and also wearing shoes with a raised heel, which almost all shoes have. Before running off to the doctor, try stretching your calves hourly for 30+ seconds, and also dorsiflex your ankle several times every few minutes that you sit. Use a reminder app if you forget. And wear "zero heel drop" shoes for everyday wearing (Keds, Vans, etc). You could try some of the arch stretches on Youtube, but pain behind the heel usually isn't from the arch.
    If there's no improvement in a couple weeks, try to see a sports dr. :+1:
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    Thank you everyone!! I really appreciate the info.
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    Funny this came up yesterday, I have been having the heel pain all week. I have not been to doc this time around. I do have Plantar Fascitis so I know the pain. Me being a dumb *kitten* just keep working through it and do my best to work around it hoping it slowly gets better. Post what you find out
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    Experiencing the same pain in my left heel
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    If it's plantar fasciitis, go to a therapy place that has active release therapy. That's the only thing that helped me. I had the cortisone shots twice & the orthopedic inserts, but I walked like an old man & the PF gave me hip & back problems as well. The ART broke up the scar tissue & I was able to walk again. I even ran a 10K & I was never a runner.
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    Well, aside from first thing in the morning (ugh, pain) it has gotten better. I do the recommended stretches often, and just get up from my desk each hour - boss be damned. All in all, pain levels have decreased. Even the morning pain lasts for less time. I've still not seen a doctor since I'm seeing results. But, when my insurance plan starts over, I may just go if I'm still feeling it, even if it is slight.

    Thanks again for all the info folks.
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    Yep, feel your pain, took me the better part of the year to get better from Planters. Bought some Birkenstock inserts @ foot dr office ($50-$75 ish) and helped tremendously. Now I bought more and use in all my shoes
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    In the morning try stretching your calf before getting out of bed. Flex your foot and pull your toes back and hold a couple of times. Might help.

    The morning pain is classes plants fasciitis. When I had flare up I felt it in my Achilles too. Make sure you always wear good shoes and stretch your calf muscles. You can freeze a bottle of water and run it along the bottom of your foot. Eventually the pain goes away. :) (then if you're like me you injure a new part)