Fitbit Versa VS Ionic....GO!

I'm planning to upgrade my Charge2 soon and I'm trying to decide between the Versa and the Ionic. I have read online reviews and comparisons of both. I'm interested in some "real life" thoughts. Which do you have? What do you love? What do you hate?


  • Duck_Puddle
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    I have both. They are essentially the same device except the Ionic has built in GPS and the Versa uses the GPS in your phone (like the charge 2).

    The Versa is smaller, prettier (IMO), and much lighter weight.

    If fashion is your concern, and you don’t care about built-in GPS, I’d go with Versa. If built-in GPS is really important to you, then go with the Ionic.

    They are otherwise identical (same software/hardware/apps/functions/buttons/features/etc.)

    I don’t use it, but if your bank is actually compatible with Fitbit pay, and you’re in the US, I believe fitbit pay is only on the Versa special edition (I think it’s standard on the ionic). If you’re not in the US, Fitbit pay is in all versions of the Versa.
  • stfpa
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    I don’t have the ionic but I just recently got a versa and I love it. I think the ionic has similar features but I chose the versa because it just looks more feminine to me and less bulky. The battery power is great, it lasts days and I just take it off every couple days while showering and getting ready in the morning and that’s enough to charge it back to full battery so it’s convenient. It seems to be pretty accurate when it comes to heart rate, sleep, steps, etc but I think it overestimates calories (which is fine because most things do overestimate). I think the ionic has built in gps and the versa doesn’t but that wasn’t a big deal to me because I bring my phone with me everywhere anyways. If you’re something who likes to leave your phone behind, you might benefit from the built in gps. Other than that, it mostly comes down to which one you think looks better
  • tammigates
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    I think I would like the built in GPS but when I really think about it, I doubt I would leave my phone behind anyway.

  • melissa6771
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    The Versa is much more feminine. And it’s very comfortable. Most of the time I forget I even have it on. The back of the watch itself is very flat and smooth unlike the charge 2. I have three bands for it. A black one for work, a pretty silver one for going out, and a fun summer color one. With the original bands that come with it there’s a specific way to get them in, if you don’t know how to do it can be very frustrating. So if you read about that don’t be turned off by it. Once you know how to do it, it only takes a few seconds. I don’t have a lot of the notifications or the all day sync turned on and I get 5 to 6 days from a charge. I’ve only used the connected GPS once so far because I’m usually in the gym but it worked very well. So if you have your phone with you all the time anyway, especially if you listen to music on your phone, it really shouldn’t matter about the GPS not being built in. I’ve taken my heart rate manually with that a few times and seems to match up. Personally I would not spend the extra money for the SE edition. I wouldn’t put my banking information on my fit bit, and I’ve read people are having issues with the woven band, it’s giving some people irritation on their skin. Of course it’s probably few and far between with that problem
  • 23susu23
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    I'm waiting for my Versa replacement. I don't know what happened but when I first got my Versa, the battery lasted several days. The last month or so the battery died every day after about 10 hours. Fitbit customer service was great though and had me do some testing and have sent me a new one due to a bad battery under warranty. I had always hated wearing anything on my wrists especially in the heat. I got a magnetic mesh band that matches my watch and I don't even feel it on and it doesn't get sweaty. I hope my new one holds the charge because I love using it and linking it to MFP. So nice to see my messages on it too. I haven't owned the Charge2 but thought the Versa was smaller and nicer looking. If you do look at reviews, there are many reports of bad batteries.