Any Open Diaries??

Looking for friends with open diaries to share recipes, snacks, and meal idea's. Don't want to loose motivation and I'm trying to meal plan. My husband and I are both loggers and I'd like to come up with something different or foods I haven't thought of. Add me so we can do this together. Serious loggers only PLEASE


  • shaf238
    shaf238 Posts: 4,021 Member
    Plenty of people with open diaries, me included :)
  • kastephens11
    kastephens11 Posts: 57 Member
    I have an open diary.

    I also find a lot of great recipes on 🙂
  • babysaffy
    babysaffy Posts: 232 Member
    My diary is open. I've added you!
  • tbright1965
    tbright1965 Posts: 852 Member
    My diary is open
  • Styggian
    Styggian Posts: 465 Member
    My diary is open, I tend to stick with ordinary supermarket and seasonal allotment food rather than power bars & powders. As am on maintenance I tend to make sure my daily protein macro is met. Sent you a friend request.
  • Staceyblewin
    Staceyblewin Posts: 96 Member
    I have an open diary
  • tecat810
    tecat810 Posts: 3,448 Member
  • VUA21
    VUA21 Posts: 2,073 Member
    I have an open diary.
  • mariluny
    mariluny Posts: 428 Member
    Open diary!
  • Safari_Gal
    Safari_Gal Posts: 888 Member
    Hi I also do an open diary. I going it keeps me more disciplined. I do a low carb diet and focus on nutrient dense foods. Love finding different recipes and using new spices. Feel free to add! I’m an avid poster and love to see others healthy diaries!
  • thisPGHlife
    thisPGHlife Posts: 440 Member
    Requested! I also try to eat seasonally. Sometimes I make batches of things or but a lot of a few things so I don't have to think about hard. I love cooking thought and would love to swap recipes.
  • buckeye213
    buckeye213 Posts: 49 Member
    Mine is open looking for suggestions as well, I seem to eat or plan the same foods because it’s easy to fix and easy to add to MFP😂😂
  • LinzZzCole
    LinzZzCole Posts: 18 Member
    Me! I log consistently. :)
  • Nananiemand
    Nananiemand Posts: 12 Member
    I have an open diary :smiley:
    Not too much variety right now but I eat a lot of fruit, nuts and veg
  • JohnBarth
    JohnBarth Posts: 672 Member
    My diary is open. 2200 calories/day goal. I log pretty well most days. Even that drive through today that wasn't planned but so, too easy on an errand I had to run.
  • jarelary4
    jarelary4 Posts: 141 Member
    Mine is open, I'll add you. I'm doing Keto so not sure if that will help you but you are free to look! I can't say I'm all that adventurous of an eater though. Mostly I eat the same stuff all the time
  • carolineb81
    carolineb81 Posts: 459 Member
    Mine is open
  • Beachchic1977
    Beachchic1977 Posts: 31 Member
    Mine is open! I love to look at other peoples meals for ideas.
  • yogidani77
    yogidani77 Posts: 6,978 Member
    My diary is open! Add me if you like 😊
  • corysmithsmail
    corysmithsmail Posts: 166 Member
    Mine is! I don't follow any specific diet, I just try and eat 300~ calories per meal with the exception of dinner.