Substitute to rice for low carb diet?

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I'm currently doing a low calroies diet (1500kcal/day) with intensive exercise (around 800kcal of exercice per day) and would like to reduce carb intake to around 150g per day. Rice is my main food and I would like to substitute to a low carb alternative.

Does someone know a good alternative ?


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    I would just eat smaller portions of rice. 150 grams carbs is plenty.
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    so you're netting 700 cals? why?

    1500 is the goal, I'm around 1800 everyday and I'm thinkinh to stick to 1800, this is why I would like to reduce carb to avoid being to low in calorie.
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    LioTrn wrote: »
    so you're netting 700 cals? why?

    1500 is the goal, I'm around 1800 everyday and I'm thinkinh to stick to 1800, this is why I would like to reduce carb to avoid being to low in calorie.

    so you're netting 1000 calories? again, why?
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    First of all, if your main staple is rice: why replace it?

    Secondly: how do you measure your calorie burn?
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    unless you have a health concern (ie diabetes), there is no reason to limit your number of carbs.

    make it fit in your calories.

    and if your burn is correct (probably not if you are going by machines or MFP calculator), you are not eating enough.
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    Rice is an excellent source of starch. You could also look at potatoes or sweet potatoes for your carb needs. I would recommend eating lean meats like beef, pork, chicken, and vegetables to round out your diet.

    Your calories seem low. I would look at trying to eat back half your exercise calories. 150 grams + 30% of the calories of your exercise would be a reasonable target for your daily carbs.
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    Not sure what your goals are, so this'll be a little ramling:
    If you truly are burning 800 cals/day (many machines overestimate calorie burn), is it from sustained cardio - a couple hours running on the treadmill, for example? I ask because that type of exercise will benefit from the carbs; carbs = longterm energy source.
    I agree with the others here that state a low carb diet is not necessary to lose weight, just a calorie deficit, and also that you should be netting more calories in a day (general rule of thumb is NET 1200 female/ 1500 male). If you want to cut carbs in favor of more protein, which aids in muscle retention during weight loss (particularly in conjunction with resistance/weight training), go for it!
    Suggestions: cauliflower rice (already mentioned!) is low cal, low carb, and high fiber. Brown rice has the carbs and calories of rice, but more fiber and a wee bit more protein. Quinoa is a complete protein with 'medium' carbs and a lot of fiber. Lentils and beans are an excellent source of protein, fiber, and 'medium' carbs. I know you didn't ask about fiber, but that isht is important! It aids in satiety, digestion, and nets out carbs (if you're into that sort of thing). GL!
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    I'm commuting to work by biking (25km monday-friday with down and hill which is approx. 1000kcal). I do use a sport watch (Nokia Steel HR) to measure my exercises.
    I'm doing that because I gain 10kg is the last year and my BMI was around 26 (188cm, 92kg). I would like to do a diet that can put me back in the 20 average. I eat a lot of fat fish but also a lot cereal (rice, bread) and my carb intake is over 300 per day which is too much (sometimes it's even higher when I go for a couple beer with friends) so this is why I wanted to limit the carb intake. Also, my HDL is too low and my LDL is 125 which is close to the high limit. I would like to lose weight to have better cholesterol balance and also to be more fit.

    Thanks all for your informations.
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    I would look at the 1000kcal for cycling again. That sounds like a lot! I often did 25km bike rides, and was gaining weight. Maybe if you have an old Dutch granny bike and go 35kmh constantly.
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    I do cycling in Tokyo, and it's always hill and down (which is way more difficult than flat road), and I'm almost always over 25kmh (I have a nice road bike ;p). My fitness tracker calculate base on my heart rate, and Im constantly around 160 bpm during the ride. The weather also make it more intense (32 degrees, really humid) 1000kcal calories is the high end. It would be around 800-1000.
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    Shirataki noodles! Skinny pasta brand has several "shapes". I've tried the rice and ramen shapes, they don't have the traditional "smell" most brands of shirataki do. Kind of pricey, $20 for six bags and I can eat one bag myself at dinner. 20 calories a bag, 0 net carbs and I can put it with any meat.
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    Shirataki rice or cauliflower rice. Frozen cauliflower rice comes in different combinations, not all are plain cauliflower, so you have some flavor options.
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    I'm a diabetic with blood sugar issues eating rice, so I sometimes substitute steel cut oats, which have just as many carbs on paper but don't cause spikes for me. However that won't help with your issue. What I recommend for you is eating smaller portions of rice and doubling up on whatever protein you are serving.

    Also, you need to eat enough to fuel your exercise. For a man 1500 is the minimum for nutrition, for a woman, 1200.
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    I did try the Shirataki Rice and it's awesome. Taste like rice, looks like rice but has no carb and low calories. It is a little bit more "elastic" than normal rice, but except that I cannot see any difference.
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    I really like cauliflower rice but I add broccoli and garlic to it for extra flavour. I actually prefer the taste of this over rice. However, there is nothing wrong with rice if it fits your calorie goals if that is what you enjoy.
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    I just skip the rice and eat more of the other stuff.

    Last night we had sausages, rice and veggies for dinner. I just had an extra sausage.
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    jeffjeff85 wrote: »

    Quinoa does not have significantly less carbs, but is significantly more expensive:

  • Cauliflower rice. Great sub for mashed potatoes too.