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  • bigguyreed
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    Always need encouragement and motivation you can add me.
  • cesse47
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    lybarni wrote: »
    I all! Hope everyone is having a good day so far! I did my first weight circuit this morning and it felt so good to work those muscles! Then 3 miles on the bike! I really feel like on my way!!!

    Wow!! Congrats. I'm envious. I'm trying to exercise for the first time and barely making it walking! I'll get there, eventually. Keep up the good work! :smiley:
  • tricias42
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    Add me to your friends. I too am looking for friends for motivation and support
  • Grumpy_1967
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    Hi, I'm Honey from Holland and starting tomorrow. Please add me as a friend too. I'm so new to this and could use (and will give) all the support... :)
  • ashley_eventing
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    I’m looking for motivation friends to! Add me!
  • Grumpy_1967
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    Wow, a lot of peeps have posted a lot of requests in a short time. I've added you all as friend but I hope it went ok because the comuter said that something went wrong but I followed every step nessecary so if you (all the folks above this post) haven't recieved my friendship request please let me know...
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    bethwarden wrote: »
    does anyone have an instagram account that I could follow with inspiration? :)

    My instagram name is hannahbj1
    I post food and fitness related stuff all the time!!!

  • Tapout112009
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    Looking for more active and positive pple to meet and help each other out! Down 65 pounds and still going!!
  • Grumpy_1967
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    Well, first day didn't go too good. I'm a night eater and last night I ate 100 gram of macademia nuts and 3 small apple pies, a total of 1144 calories. :(

    Maybe I should start my diary day at 8 in the morning so when I want to eat that night I (hopefully) might think "Oh, I can not eat that as I have already reached my limit...". What do you guys think?
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    I'll do my best add me
  • Grumpy_1967
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  • Grumpy_1967
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    It sure is quiet here...
  • Lshona
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    I’m always looking for active friends
  • gnupe23
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    Hi, I am 50 and on a mission to get healthy and fit. Looking for friends to help keep me motivated and accountable!
  • Bahamaria
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    Add me!
  • MamaSarah85
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    Hey, everyone can add me if they want! I'm new here.