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  • rower1018rower1018 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    Where are my fellow lesbians at
  • The_Red_WidowThe_Red_Widow Member Posts: 60 Member Member Posts: 60 Member
    Bisexual here !
  • SomebodyWakeUpHIcksSomebodyWakeUpHIcks Member Posts: 3,836 Member Member Posts: 3,836 Member
    Sexual here!
  • valleyh007valleyh007 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Gay and proud!
  • AlinaRose17AlinaRose17 Member Posts: 92 Member Member Posts: 92 Member
    Commenting way late here, but I am Trans (MtF), Bi, and proudl =)
  • huntersvonneguthuntersvonnegut Member Posts: 1,176 Member Member Posts: 1,176 Member
    Motorsheen wrote: »

    date or marry anyone you want, no worries

    that being said..... support?

    with true equal rights, is support still required? really, I don't know; I'm asking.

    Well...considering, for example at least three states are considering bills that would enable agencies to deny gay couples from adopting children...yeah, the LGBT (sorry, I’m a liberal but that’s as far as I go with the designations) community has my support. Equal rights are not always observed.
  • monicaai14monicaai14 Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Lesbian working on finding love for my body (before and) while losing weight. :)
  • Mean_SpiceMean_Spice Member Posts: 279 Member Member Posts: 279 Member
    TheRoadDog wrote: »
    I treat everybody the same. If they are polite to me, I am polite to them. If they are rude, so am I. Their sexual preference or gender identity has no weight in my judgement of a person.

    As always, well but. Its the person.
  • peachpastriespeachpastries Member Posts: 114 Member Member Posts: 114 Member
    I'm a lesbian~ gotta say, being a girl who's attracted to girls when u have some body image issues is weird, cuz i can't tell if i wanna date the girl or be the girl, and i can't help but compare myself to other girls i find attractive. but oh well 💅

    and everybody deserves support & love until proven otherwise, but that can only be judged based on character and not sexuality or gender. ✌️
  • elsie6hickmanelsie6hickman Member Posts: 3,863 Member Member Posts: 3,863 Member
    Not a member of the community, but definitely a supporter of LGBTQ. My uncle was gay (he passed away about 10 years ago); he and his partner were together for over 40 years. Unfortunately, most of his life was lived when one had to be very secretive, lest one lose their job and be shunned by the community.
  • Gaygirl2120Gaygirl2120 Member Posts: 541 Member Member Posts: 541 Member
    Lesbian here! Feel free to add me as well 😊🌈
  • Gaygirl2120Gaygirl2120 Member Posts: 541 Member Member Posts: 541 Member
    rower1018 wrote: »
    Where are my fellow lesbians at

  • ElAitch126ElAitch126 Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member
    Tryna get it done!
  • SirMxyzptlkSirMxyzptlk Member Posts: 841 Member Member Posts: 841 Member
    Bi...kinda. Long story.
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