Plantar fasciitis



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    I struggled with this on and off for months, some things worked, others worked some times and not others. In my case, the plantar fasciitis was caused by a tight soleus muscle in my calf (often the cause of this) and I have started using long compression socks whilst running. It hasn't fixed the problem but it's been a great strategy to minimise pain that used to discourage me from running
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    Ugh horrible thing that plantar fasciitis. I had it along with adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) as part of a "welcome pack to your new autoimmune condition" pre-diagnosis of Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
    Every morning and a couple of times during the day I did these exercises.....

    These helped massively and I bought off-the-peg orthotic arch supports from a pharmacy to put in my shoes and/or trainers as needed. Very comfortable and supportive. Don't get the problem anymore, touch wood.

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    Have you seen a doctor? I had PF some years ago, and went to my primary-care, who diagnosed it. She prescribed me some sort of anti-inflammatory (I can't remember now; it was just a one-time prescription) and assigned me some foot-stretching exercises. The prescription knocked the pain down right away, and I did the exercises, and it never came back (so far!). The best exercise for me was the one where you plant just the front part of the foot on a stairstep, let all your weight rest on that, and flex your heel downward and hold that for 30 seconds. Then change feet, and repeat for two full cycles. I've kept that one up, because I never want those little blackshirted fascists messing with my feet again. That stuff HURTS! (As you know.)

    Naproxen? You can take Aleve. I have. A hug bottle if that. :)
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    Typically it will become bare able with another inflammatory meds shush as ibuprofen naproxen or Monica which is given by the dr. However if left untreated can get worse and way to correct that I see most ppl doing is surgery.
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    What others have said, and if it hasn't been said: learn how to wrap your feet either from YouTube or Dr and copy and do daily.. That plus never going barefoot, orthotics, losing weight, avoiding cement has made mine practically disappear.
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    Reviving this thread to say 'Thank you!' to @SandyH2015, Aetrex has changed my life..